5 Ways Our Feelings About The Weekend Change With Age

by Paige Hanson
Julien L. Balmer

Weekends change with age.

To students, a weekend means partying until the wee hours of the morning and doing semi-questionable things.

It means countless trips to the liquor store, and to the local Taco Bell.

But as you get older, it means catching up on sleep (along with the occasional wine and Netflix night).

Don’t get me wrong; these nights are sometimes the best.

The older you get, the more you appreciate your bed.

You question how you ever had the energy to stay out until the bar closed.

But that doesn’t mean the older you get, the less fun you have.

Has anyone ever watched "Friends" while incredibly drunk? I have, and it’s pretty great.

Here’s a list of what weekends look like according to age:

1. Weekends to high-schoolers:

When you’re in high school, weekends mean going to the nearby mall and seeing every person from your grade there.

It means hanging out with your friends, having sleepovers (without the sleep) and eating your body weight in pizza and popcorn, without even gaining a pound.

It might also involve getting “drunk” off a cooler you took from your parents' fridge. (I may or may not have done this).

To high-schoolers, the weekends mean a bundle of things.

They can’t just sit still and lie in bed the entire day. They have to call up their friends and do something, no matter what that something may be.

2. Weekends to college freshmen:

“F*ck yeah! It’s the weekend! Drink up bitches!”

Weekends to freshmen mean alcohol, alcohol, Taco Bell and more alcohol.

Freshmen have a high amount of energy.

They have the ability to drink on Fridays, Saturdays and even Sundays, which leads to #HangoverMondays.

Weekends for freshmen are messy. They involve lots of shots, regrettable hookups and burritos.

3. Weekends to college seniors:

“Ugh, it’s Friday. Do I drink? Should I study? Wait, 'The Lizzie McGuire Move' is on Netflix! I’m staying in!”

Wine and Netflix nights are more important then getting their grind on at the local club.

For the most part, seniors are exhausted.

The past three years have been filled with blurry memories.

Now, they just want to catch up on the shows they’ve missed, with maybe a glass of wine (or three).

When they do go out, they go in incredibly casual clothes.

Who has the energy to spend three hours getting ready?

4. Weekends to post-grads:

They're still trying to get their life together.

Some weekends may be messy, while others may actually be quite productive.

Weekend nights to them might mean eating Nutella by the spoonful, while watching every season of "Gilmore Girls," or drinking their little old adult hearts out and puking for two whole days straight.

There is no-in between.

They’re still trying to hold on to their youth.

Yet, the hangovers tell them they should give up their old lifestyle.

5. Weekends to mid-to-late 20-somethings:

Weekends mean sleep.

Most are now working 9 to 5 days, and are truly "adulting."

They are now making to-do lists, and for the most part, are actually productive during the weekend.

Their weekend days consist of attending weddings, grocery shopping, Pinteresting and house hunting, while their nights consist of hosting dinner parties and going on real dates that don’t include going to Chuck E. Cheese's.

They may also flee on short vacations, as they aren’t living "la vida broka" anymore.

So, what will you get up to this weekend?

Will you be watching the most recent episode of "Grey’s," or will you be going shot-for-shot?

Honestly, either option sounds pretty great.