9 Ways Contact Lenses Made Your Life So Much Better

by Gigi Engle

Here's some life advice for you: Feeling accomplished, comfortable and productive doesn't necessarily mean going to extremes. You don't have to quit your job, break up with your boyfriend or move across the country to feel like a “new you.”

The truth is that little changes can have an outsize impact on your well-being and happiness.

And for many of us — myself included — one of the most life-changing upgrades we've made is ditching our specs for contact lenses. Honestly, you don't truly understand and appreciate how limiting your glasses are until you upgrade to contact lenses. It's just the truth.

Your life gets so much better in so many ways, but here are nine of the best ways. bubble

Going to the gym is no longer a safety hazard.

Anyone who frequents the gym knows that working out in glasses is next to impossible. They slip, fog and interfere with your workout. NOT wearing your glasses, however, means meandering around heavy machinery while visually impaired. This is definitely a no-no.

Contact lenses eliminate this issue completely. Never again will your glasses impede a scheduled sweat session. You become a healthier you JUST by upgrading to contact lenses.

You can buy sunglasses from cool boutiques.

Wearing glasses means needing prescription sunglasses as well. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. You gotta do it.

Unfortunately, this totally limits your purchase options. (As someone who loves sunglasses and boasts an extensive collection, I HATE having fewer choices.)

But after you switch to contact lenses, you can take your sunglass game to the next level — and to the next level after that. You can buy cute styles from your favorite stores and never worry about having to order new lenses to fill them.

You can actually go to that concert.

Jumping and dancing is pretty difficult when you're wearing glasses. You find yourself pushing your frames up your nose while simultaneously worrying you'll drop them on the ground.


Once you get contact lenses, all of your worries are gone. You can finally go to a music festival knowing that your eyes are in good hands.

You can finally show off your beautiful face to the world.

While glasses certainly don't make anyone less attractive, sometimes you want the focal point of your face to be, well, your actual face. Glasses are impossible to miss, and they can be a little distracting for this very reason.

After you've switched to contact lenses, you don't have to worry about what other people see. You can rest assured knowing they only have eyes for your bright eyes.

You never get stuck with your glasses.

You will no longer be beholden to your glasses after you've upgraded to contact lenses.

Never again will you worry about whether your outfit clashes with the style or color of your specs. Never again will you experience FOMO after buying a pair of glasses, only to find out there was a cuter pair you somehow overlooked.

With contact lenses, your look is based entirely on YOU — not your frames.

Your glasses stop breaking.

Glasses are expensive and when you wear them seven days a week, your chances of breaking them are pretty high. Accidents do happen, after all. The last thing anyone wants is to spend time in an optometrist's office explaining how you broke your glasses yet again.

All that stress is relieved once you swap out your frames for contact lenses. You know those babies are not leaving your face.

Eye makeup actually becomes a thing.

Makeup application becomes a breeze after you upgrade to contact lenses.

When your vision depends on clunky frames, getting your eyeliner wings on point is arduous (if not downright impossible). If you take the glasses off, you can't even see your makeup brushes, let alone apply the actual product.

But after contact lenses have come into your life, all of this morning mayhem disappears. Since you're no longer maneuvering around glasses, you are free to focus on the makeup at hand. Life just gets so much sweeter (and contoured).

More space in your bag means more room to carry snacks.

Glasses come in cases, which themselves take up space. When you're transporting an already-cluttered bag, you need as much extra room as you can get. Ditching the frames frees up that crucial extra space.

And that means one very important thing: You now have more room for snacks. It's an upgrade everyone can get behind.

Going out in the rain won't leave you blind.

When you're wearing glasses, going out in the rain is not an option. Even the lightest of drizzles will cramp your style. Precipitation leads to wet lenses, which obstruct your vision. And no one wants that.

But contact lenses save the day! Bring it on, rain!

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