6 Ways To Clear Your Mind That Don't Involve Meditating

by Camile Sardina

We’ll try just about anything to get rid of those black holes in our minds: long runs, meditation, music, sleeping to sounds of rain, spiritual retreats, drowning our sorrows in food or alcohol, you name it.

Whether we realize it or not, the single desired goal we’re all really looking for is peace of mind.

We want to let go of the past, not fear the future and just live for today.

Even if common remedies work for you, doing the same routine over and over will inevitably become drab.

Trying new ways to achieve peace of mind will help with open-mindedness, motivation and happiness.

So, in the hopes of helping you find your inner peace, here are some underrated wellness and life-balance regimens that can clear your mind:

1. Fluffing your aura

If you’re a Millennial in the workforce, you might have experienced your first rounds of neck, back and emotional pain.

The struggle is real.

However, it’s beatable. Aside from stretching and exercising, NYC physical therapist Karena Wu says you can also kick pain to the curb by “fluffing your aura.”

During periods of stress, where you can feel tension, fluff your aura by channeling your energy just around your head.

This method is similar to Reiki in that you don't touch yourself, but just concentrate on moving the bad energy out of your system.

Wu recommends a book called “Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden. The book explains two ways to fluff your aura:

-Begin at the bottom of the feet. Literally roll the aura’s energy upward, with your hands circling each other, as if you're rolling a beach ball up your body. Breathe deeply. This technique strengthens the central meridian, which in turn feeds all the meridians and chakras.

-Enter your hand in the aura at any spot that draws you, and make a flicking motion that dips down and scoops the energy upward. Your hands can engage the aura in a dance that is energized and fun.

2. Aromatherapy

Plants can be your best friends when it comes to peace of mind.

This isn’t in the form of food, though.

Instead, it's through aromatherapy, the art of using plant materials and oils to improve well-being.

Health counselor and founder of Joni Juice, Cindy Kasindorf, shared:

There's nothing like the aroma that fills our juicery on production days. The fresh scents of citrus, kale and mint fill the air, and are so uplifting. Taking in the fragrant scent in our juicery is the ultimate de-stressor.

Seasonally speaking, aromatherapy can be a healthy helper during winter, acting as an alternative to antibiotics.

3. Full wheel stretching

We’re all told to stretch. But if you stick to basic stretch moves, you’re limiting yourself.

According to physical therapist, Karena Wu:

The full wheel stretch is a massive front of the body stretch that stretches the muscles and fascia, as well as stimulates the solar plexus in the front. It's a massive energy uplifting technique, and everyone should remember to do it, since we are so tight and compressed anteriorly.

4. Omega-3 fatty acids

According to NYC gastroenterologist, Dr. Prem Chattoo of Hudson River Gastroenterology, omega-3 fatty acids are underrated as a method of reaching peace of mind.

Dr. Chattoo recommends eating a lot of fish because it helps improve mood and aids in depression.

Also get ready for the best foodie excuse ever: chocolate.

He says it’s another omega-3 fix that increases feelings of happiness.

Adding another “guilty” pleasure to the list, coffee also aids in positive mood-boosting and takes away feelings of “the blues.”

To ensure more stability, Dr. Chattoo recommends limiting alcohol as much as possible.

5. Glutathione

Glutathione acts as an antioxidant in the body.

Foods rich in glutathione are known to be calming and de-stressing, due to their ability to detoxify the damaging substances in the body.

NYC’s own chef, Mark Bailey, shared some foods that are filled with glutathione:

Spinach, eggs and cheese:

Spinach is known to have the most glutathione per serving. Glutathione can also be found in some animal products like eggs. Cheese, in particular, is high in selenium, which is known to play a part in the formation of glutathione enzymes.


Avocados are not only rich in glutathione, they are delicious.

Whether they're in a smoothie, salad, dip or eaten on their own, avocados are easy to add to any existing diet.

Chef Bailey makes a quick and easy avocado and banana smoothie that can help with mental clarity.

Fresh meats and cumin:

Fresh, uncooked meats are also known to be rich in dietary glutathione.

Meanwhile, cumin is a spice known to have the ability to increase glutathione tissue levels.

6. The youth

Miami attorney Russell Dohan offers up something you probably never thought about when it comes to peace: the power of the youth.

He says, “After a long week in the courtroom, I find that the power of peace comes from quality time with my children.”

The next time you’re near a young person, talk to him or her, and see just how effortlessly he or she lives.