4 Reasons To Wait Until You're In Your Late 20s To Travel

by Taryn Brooke

I have heard it many times before: Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer. It actually sounds like the answer to a riddle, similar to the one which includes putting holes into something to make it lighter.

It's not that I was very skeptical of traveling overseas; I just didn't have the strong desire to spend thousands of dollars to say I was in another country (as stupid as that statement just sounded). That is, until now.

I passed up so many opportunities to travel abroad during college and study in other countries, and to say the least, if I could go back in time and throw caution to the wind, I would travel abroad in a heartbeat.

I say this knowing what I know now and not living in the mindset that I was in when I was between the ages of 18 and 21. I am 26 years old now, and my world and the way I think are completely different.

I have a greater understanding now as to why I was not a younger traveler. Here are some reasons why you should think about waiting until you are little bit deeper into your 20s to travel:

1. Money

Fact: Unless your parents are rich or you inherited a fortune from a relative, chances are, you don't have that much money.

We have money from student loans, sure, but enough money for travel (I'm not talking about spring break in Cancún) is harder to come by.

Studying abroad while in school is an option, but nothing is free and your wallet will be less forgiving of you later.

If you wait until you graduate and eventually land your "dream" job or your "right now" job, it will afford you the money and time to travel without having to pay it back plus interest.

2. Stronger Friendships and Relationships

As we move slowly (as most of us hope) through our 20s, we begin to weed out our friends, thereby discovering who our true friends are, the ones we can trust.

Most of us also begin to move towards being in serious relationships and the inevitability of them. These newly cemented strong relationships make for great travel companions. Who better to see the world with than someone you love?

3. You're Older and Wiser

Although one of the main reasons for attending college is to get a great job when you come out, you also realize you learn more than you ever thought you would about yourself and the real world once you're done.

You graduate and you are a little older and wiser than when you first started, and within the first few months after graduation, you learn more about yourself and the world than college could have ever prepared you for.

Now, you're probably ready to begin your travels with a much better head on your shoulders from life giving you a few smacks across the face.

4. Self-Awareness

The aforementioned list culminates (hopefully) in greater self-awareness and appreciation for life that comes once you've lived a little.

After all, what is the point of travel if you can't absorb and appreciate the culture of your destination and take away beautiful pieces of the experience? Now, get out there and see the world!

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It