Turn House Into Cozy Place For Winter Hibernation

Your home is a place of comfort, solitude and communion with members of your family.

It should represent a safe space, away from the hectic, uncertainty of the outside world.

The capability to recharge for the day ahead requires the crafting of a space that reflects who you are. It should provide relaxation and a sense of security.

To get the most out of your time at home, invest some time and energy into crafting a space that is all about you.

Sure, the living room and entrance way might need to be designed with visitors and company in mind, but the rest of the space is all about you.

So, how do you start creating a space that promotes health, peace and productivity?

Natural light is always a bright idea.

During the day, natural light can provide a warm, comforting source of light inside your home.

Why bother to get up and flip a light switch when you can let Mother Nature do all the heavy lifting (at least during daylight hours)?

Gently waking up in the morning to natural light can be therapeutic and invigorating. I find that on the days I need to wake up around sunrise, leaving the curtains open makes my transition from sleep to waking a little bit less painful.

It's hard enough leaving the comfort of a warm bed, so why not take advantage of nature's wake aid?

And soaking in that morning sun helps reinforce the fact that I'm getting a head start on my day, instead of playing catch-up through the late afternoon.

Mirrors and skylights can open up the darkest of spaces.

To improve the natural light in your home, install mirrors to reflect outside light back into the room. Paint with light colors that enhance the sense of brightness and happiness inside your home.

Skylights are amazing tools for improving lighting, but they may require expensive modifications to the roofing and structure of your home.

To avoid many of these additional costs, tube skylights have become increasingly popular. These small tubes can be custom-crafted to meet the structural needs of your home and minimize the size of the hole in your roof and ceiling.

And, if you believe everything you see on TV, it's possible to install these natural light boosters yourself, potentially saving thousands on contractor costs.

Upgrade your garage or driveway.

The transition point between the world around us and our home manifests itself in our driveway or garage.

Knowing that my vehicle is protected from the elements and tucked securely in my garage gives me peace of mind.

A garage is about more than securing your vehicle. It's an extension of your home.

In more rural communities, unattached garages or car ports are much more common. If you're currently parking your car in an uncovered space on your driveway, constructing a wooden garage is a fairly easy way to upgrade your home, protect your car and show off your unique style.

Creating a space that is all your own requires careful consideration of the furniture, paint and layout of your space.

An open floor plan is great for individuals who live alone or don't mind sharing space with others. But, if you're sharing your home, doors and walls are a wonderful addition to create a cushion for those moments when you just need your own space.

Natural lighting does wonders for opening a space and creating a sense of comfort. And, your garage can provide a great transition point between the world outside and the sanctuary you've built for yourself.