6 Traits That Will Bring Success In The Long-Term Rather Than Right Now

The world is changing every day, and the speed of that change is increasing.

As a result of this, sometimes you need to stop and analyze the signals you receive in order to better adapt your behavior to what the future prepared for us.

So, here are six traits that will dominate modern societies of the advanced world in the coming years:


The exponential advancement of technology will make us increasingly more dependent on it in almost every aspect of our lives. This trend is evident by simply walking down the street and observing the number of people who live attached to their smartphones.

This trend will intensify in the coming years, due to the advancement and market introduction of so-called "wearables." Wearables are smart devices, such as watches or glasses, that will allow us to stay connected at all times, since they form from part of our usual attire.


Relating to the previous point, the advancement of everyday technology will make humans need fewer and fewer things to do and will create more and more things with them.

About 15 to 20 years ago, a middle-class home had a video player, phone, camera, video camera, flashlights, CD player, calculator, radio, PC, etc. The sum of all these devices could easily reach $10,000 or more.

Today, many of these functions are integrated into smartphones that fit in the palm of our hands. Thus, we can see that devices are increasingly bringing together more features, yet becoming significantly smaller.

Moreover, the new generation has lost the ability to accumulate material goods for personal satisfaction. We are edging toward a minimalist society where the interest in the accumulation of material goods in order to make our neighbors jealous and/or seek advancement in the social scale is lost.


Again, related to the previous point, the loss of interest in material goods is related to the technological advances that release resources and pave the way to abundance. Issues, like access to clean water or clean energy, despite popular belief, are not problems of scarcity, but accessibility.

Sooner or later, some bright scientist or innovator will discover how to easily convert salt water into drinking water or capture and store large amounts of clean energy. The future can only hold improvements, given the unstoppable advances of science and technology.


The trend that has been observed in advanced world economies (mainly Europe and the United States) shows an "alarming" rise of unemployment. More and more jobs are becoming automated, thanks to advances of technology.

Instead of celebrating the advent of technologies that liberate us from monotonous, repetitive and alienating work, the overall feel of many societies is to stand against evolution and claim for their old jobs.

Instead, we could confront the situation with courage and optimism and harness creative energy to face new challenges and create new goals to take leaps of faith in human evolution. Like it or not, the societies of the future will be mainly idle, and wage labor, as we know it today, will eventually disappear.

Raw Material Of Talent, Not Capital

Thanks to the democratization of technology, many people and companies will no longer depend on large corporations to act, which will allow them to have a real impact on the economy and society. Today, anyone with Internet access, talent and good ideas can do something really big.

In the past, the one who was born rich died rich, as the capital was the major force of the entire system. Today, dematerialization, innovation, creative thinking and the constant search for new challenges has moved us from a capitalist society to a "talentist" society.

Universal Basic Income

One of the most controversial current issues has to do with establishing an "universal basic income." It would provide all citizens with an income that allows reasonable living conditions that may seem unfair, counterproductive and against the culture of work and effort. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

A measure of this type has the potential to spark a level of creative energy that we can not imagine. Currently, the greatest hindrance to people who undertake projects or actions of any kind is fear, specifically the fear of failure and fear of losing everything.

With your back covered, this fear would disappear, which would leave us with a proactive society that is willing to meet challenges and goals as difficult as they seem.

Those who think that a universal basic income would only serve to discourage people and create a society of lazy and ignorant people must know nothing about the psychology of human behavior.