What Makes San Diego The Perfect Paradise Escape All Year Round

by Jessica Oaks

Aside from the perfect 72-degree weather all year round, there are many reasons to visit America’s finest city, San Diego.

Here are just a few to get you excited enough to plan a vacation:

Wildlife Animals Are Your Neighbors

This is quite possibly one of the only places in the country where you can swim and surf with dolphins, walk up to seals (tons are sprawled out right in La Jolla Cove) or stand 10 feet from endangered pandas at the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

You’ll Meet People from Everywhere

San Diego is a city of transplants, filled with a wide spread of East Coasters craving a more relaxed environment, folks from Chicago trying to shake away polar vortexes, extremely hot Brazilians and European party animals.

It’s the ultimate mix of cultures. Different dialects (surfer lingo included) and languages swirl around on a regular basis, and they never fail to help spark a conversation. And when you do find rare San Diego natives, it’s always a treat. They’ll show you hidden gems only true locals know of.

Mexico Is Right There

Nothing beats how close San Diego is to Mexico, and Tijuana is just a half hour south. Hop over the border to enjoy street tacos, fresh churros, margaritas, beach camping and surfing for some real excitement.

Plus, most wireless carriers provide your smartphones with free texting and calling between Mexico and America, without any extra cost. That way, you can travel extra safely without worry.

California Burritos Are the Native Fruit of San Diego

No where else in the world can you find authentic Mexican taco shops that serve signature California burritos. This is supremely local food only really found in SoCal territory, and it’s filled with carne asada, cheese, sour cream and potatoes.

SD is Vegas’ Younger Sister

When you go to Vegas, you usually go all out, but only for a short period of time. Well, San Diego is like Vegas, but people are partying all the time, any time.

With nearly no rain to keep people in their houses, there’s never really an excuse to not go out. The consistent weather tends to bring out the summer time party mode in even the biggest homebodies.

And because of the connection between Las Vegas and San Diego, Sin City club owners invest heavily in downtown San Diego and the historic Gaslamp Quarter to create the Vegas club experience.

The hottest and newest clubs in San Diego include Omnia, owned by Las Vegas-based, global hospitality company Hakkasan Group, along with Parq.

Parq Nightclub screams Vegas. The massive venue boasts aerial artists, a giant robot and breathtaking light production. It's set up by the same crew that creates experiences at shows like EDC, and nightclubs such as Marquee.

San Diego Sunsets Never Get Old

You won’t find a sunset quite like one in San Diego. Unlike other metropolitan West Coast cities, the sky here isn’t covered with urban pollution, which allows for the most breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

Whether it’s off the cliffs, on the sand or driving down toward the water, you can see atmospheric colors as the giant ball of fire sets into the deep blue, glittering sea.

Appreciative Sipping

When it comes to drinking the good stuff, San Diego doesn't mess around. It is the home of thousands of craft beers and world-class tequilas (and we’re not talking Patron).

Events like the San Diego Craft Beer Fest celebrate the city's brewing culture and the hundreds of locally brewed beers. This is the city where Stone and Karl Strauss beers were born, and it has a fair share of IPAs.

The Spirits of Mexico, the world’s largest tequila festival, is held in San Diego every year, and it hosts the finest tequilas, poured by master distillers themselves.

It’s simply a town of appreciation for the best drinks around.

Breathe the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Although San Diego is technically one of the largest cities in the country, it feels like a very tight-knit community. This is truly a mecca of entrepreneurs, and they are able to execute uniquely innovative ideas, due to the ultra supportive community that favors small businesses.

If you want to see where some crazy ideas begin, visit a town where an anything’s-possible mindset bleeds from the souls of the people within it.

Beach Life Is No Joke

The beach and surf culture is signature to San Diego. That’s not new, but it’s worth reiterating.

There’s sand everywhere, boats on the water at all times, people running along the beach or doing yoga on grassy cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, kayakers paddling through the caves and surfers catching waves.

Notably, it’s home to one of the top surf breaks on the planet, Blacks, which is also known to be a nude beach. So while surfers “shred the gnar and gain their stoke,” others beachside are letting their freak flags fly.

It’s hard to name exactly why you should visit San Diego, since because there are so many reasons to check out this beautiful city.

Hopefully, this list will get the ball rolling for some real fun in the sun.