The More Haters You Have, The More True You're Being To Yourself

by Paul Hudson

A lot of people love me and my work, and a whole lot of people hate me and my work.

I’m incredibly blessed.

Having a little bit of hate and a lot a bit of love in your life is honestly the ideal life.

You get the reassurance you need to keep going and the negativity you need to prove everyone else wrong.

But in the end, there’s only one thing that really matters: you remain true to yourself and love yourself for it.

The rest of the world can hate you, but as long as you love the life you’ve created for yourself, no one else matters.

Anyone else who tells you otherwise is a fool, plain and simple.

If you do things right, there will still be people who hate you.

In fact, if no one hates you, then I can tell you -- with utter certainty -- you aren’t living life correctly.

Life is about going out into the world and causing waves, being the driving force behind change.

What that change is depends entirely on you, but the fact is that no matter what that change is, if it’s significant enough, someone will hate you for it.

People aren’t fans of change -- not most people, anyway. Most individuals prefer keeping things exactly the way they are.

Of course, some things people want changed, but you aren’t changing the world according to their vision of it; you’re changing the world according to yours.

And when people don’t get what they want -- no matter how ridiculous their wants may be -- they aren’t going to like you for it.

Hate is definitely a strong word for the way most people will feel when displeased with your actions, but for some, it’s the perfect word.

Some people feel a need to hate in order to make their unattractive lives feel more exciting, more purposeful.

It’s better they hate you than you hate yourself.

The entire world will never hate you. No matter how much you screw up, no matter how twisted or misguided your reasons for doing whatever it is you’re doing may be, there will always be at least one other person in the world who agrees with you.

This is no excuse to be a dumbass, but it is a comforting thought when we make decisions that seem to tick most individuals off.

The truth is, as long as you are happy with the decisions you make in life, it’s enough.

Forget about everybody else because most people don’t think for themselves, but instead line up their thoughts and beliefs with the status quo.

If the whole world hates you, but you love yourself, then you’ll be able to live with yourself -- that much I can promise.

Hate yourself, however, and no matter how much everyone else loves you, you will be forever miserable. Live life in a way that makes you proud.

If people love you for someone you aren’t, then do they really love you?

No, they don’t. They love the you that you’re projecting onto the world; they love the facade you’ve created in order to appease the world, to try and make yourself feel like you fit in.

But why in the world are you trying to fit in? Most people are average.

They lead average lives, take average risks, make average decisions and find an average level of content or happiness -- which I’m afraid, is rather low.

If you’re looking for love, then don’t expect to find it from the masses. Each of us will only find a handful of individuals who will love and respect us the way we deserve to be loved.

Everyone else is either pretending or appreciating a person who he or she doesn't fully understand, loving someone who doesn’t actually exist.

If you aren’t who you’re pretending to be, then you’ll never be able to love yourself -- and that’s all that really matters.

When you know yourself, you can take on a world of haters

Haters can be difficult to deal with. They tend to be incredibly aggressive and annoying -- like mosquitos you swat at but seem to disappear the second you turn the lights on.

You need a strong personality to be capable of dealing with all the punches these fools throw at you.

Not so much because they will hurt your feelings -- you manage to get over that facet very quickly -- but because the constant heckling can convince you to change yourself.

Change yourself for those who hate you, and you’re guaranteed to turn yourself into someone you, yourself, grow to hate.

You will lose the person you once were and find yourself in this sort of purgatory -- not sure which way to head, feeling like you’re trapped within yourself for eternity.

When some people hate you, you’re living for yourself; when everybody loves you, you’re living for everybody else.

The whole world will never hate you, and the whole world will never love you.

I’ve come to find a 30-to-70 hate-to-love ratio works best.

This way, you have just enough people hating you to create a bit of a commotion, fueling the change you wish to see in the world, but have enough people loving you to reassure you that what you’re doing is what you ought to be doing.

If you find 90 percent of the world is in love with you and what you do, then chances are you’re living your life to please them. You’re living your life for them.

Never allow yourself to fall into this trap because if you do, you’ll wake up one morning and realize you spent your whole life living for everyone else and no one ever bothered to live life for you.

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