The Difference Between Casual Tokers And Real Smokers

by Lauren Martin

Do you smell that? Are you wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt right now? Have you recently been to a Phish concert? Do you dream of Bonnaroo and grilled cheese food trucks? Do your favorite presents include blown glass and scales? Do you watch "Adventure Time"? Chances are you're a pothead.

Of course there is nothing wrong with being a pothead, in fact, it's one of our favorite types of people (and that's saying a lot).

Over the years, though, potheads have developed a less than favorable reputation as being lazy and irresponsible burnouts who live in their grandparents's basements.

However, times are changing and with the legalization of weed in certain states, potheads are finally free to cast the shackles aside and admit to who they really are: functional members of society with an affinity for weed.

No longer must they hide in the corners, forcing eye drops into their glassy eyes and Febreeze on the carpets. They don't have to shove their Bob Marley t-shirts into drawers and take down their tapestries. They are free to be themselves and bask in the glory of legalization.

However, there are some people who like to think they are part of this elite group. They are the casual smokers. The one who will take a few drags at a party, buy dime bags once a month when they're feeling rebellious and go to movies sober. They are the ones who dare to say that they smoke, but we all know them for what they really are -- convenient smokers.

They've never been through the rough times, the challenges and the pitfalls. They've never had to search for dealers in foreign lands and talk down prices. They've never had to hide bongs and clean bowls. They're just casual smokers, and there's a difference. If you're not sure exactly what category you fall under, check out the what separates the two categories:

Casual smokers pass the bowl, potheads pack the bowl.

Casual smokers only smoke at parties, potheads supply the party.

Casual smokers ask their dealers how much for a gram, potheads don’t buy grams.

Casual smokers like to save it for the weekend, potheads don’t know what day of the week it is.

Casual smokers have to be convinced to take a hit, potheads are already high.

Casual smokers don’t smoke before work, potheads can’t work without smoking.

Casual smokers can do without it, potheads don’t know what to do without it.

Casual smokers get paranoid, potheads have no worries.

Casual smokers light up after dinner, potheads smoke before every meal.

Casual smokers get hungry, potheads get active.

Casual smokers think they're high, potheads think they need to smoke some more.

Casual smokers can’t fall asleep when they’re high, potheads need to get high to fall asleep.

Casual smokers get the spins, potheads sober up.

Casual smokers make excuses, potheads make great edibles.

Casual smokers haven’t seen "Donnie Darko," potheads still haven’t figured it out.

Casual smokers need helping rolling, potheads need more papers.

Casual smokers toke blunts, potheads roll blunts.

Casual smokers never have a lighter, potheads will never accept a white one.

Casual smokers need air, potheads need vapes.

Casual smokers watch television, potheads watch life.

Casual smokers get asked if they smoke, potheads get asked for weed.

Casual smokers like to smoke when they drink, potheads like to drink when they smoke.

Casual smokers can’t see, potheads see more clearly.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr