Are You Frat Enough? The Best Frat Rush Videos Ever Created

by Ashley Fern

Recently, we took a look at the most epic Sorority rush videos and this week it’s time to look at the best Frat videos. Although these two entities are somewhat similar, a Frat can go places no Sorority can.

Typically the rush process for men involves beer, vodka, kegs stands and massive amounts of wings. For females, on the other hand, the process usually involves philanthropy, arts and crafts and other girly sh*t used to cover up the fact that they black out all weekend long.

Sororities tend to be more regulated whereas fraternities have more freedom -- talk about the double standard. Frat videos tell you what they’re supposed to say, but that’s not really what they want to be talking about.

They talk about brotherhood because they have to, when they really want to talk about getting drunk and hooking up.

Basically here is the epitome of what Frat rush entails:

Now let’s take a look at some of the greatest Frat rush videos we could find!

UCF Phi Delt Recruitment 2013

These guys actually discuss brotherhood and what it means to them without sounding like a bunch of pansies. They are UCF’s biggest fraternity and have been #1 in sports for the past four years running. They emphasize the benefits of joining their organization, such as networking and a no hazing policy (yeah right, we believe that).

Delta Tau Delta University of San Diego Rush 2013

Maybe it’s the soundtrack that captivated us or the ridiculous places these brothers have traveled in their video. Actually it’s probably just the hot girls that are ever-present throughout the slideshow. Oh, sh*t: Will Ferrell and Jay Z are Delt alumni? Who knew? That’s pretty f*cking cool.

AEPI UCSB Rush 2013

While most rush videos are usually lame and tacky fails, this one is actually pretty hilarious. It’s clearly a satire that haters will only hate on if they don’t get it. Ass slaps, pledges, bbqs, beer pong and ducks — this video has everything that encompasses a frat.

Sigma Chi Rush University of Utah Rush 2012

This is probably the most put together video we’ve seen. The beginning sounds like a sorority video, but the message is clear: they love their chapter and they love their brothers.

Sigma Chi University of Florida Recruitment 2012

I mean, you had me at Drew Brees and Brad Pitt, but this video is pretty damn epic on its own. It opens with the main title music to "Sandlot" (winner) and takes you through the chapter's history highlighting its most notable alumni. It quickly transfers to the current members who couldn’t look like they were having a better time at college.

UVA Fraternity Paraody Rush Video

This is a unique take on the different fraternities UVA has to offer. The best part is that a chick does it. Fraternity videos are usually never taken seriously since it’s not typically considered “manly,” and UVA has more than capitalized on this idea, literally hilarious.

Delta Chi Coastal Carolina Rush 2011

Despite this video exceeding 5 minutes, it is more than well done. It displays a ton of brotherhood events, from philanthropy, to partying. It doesn’t bombard you with any other crap except the stuff you really care about when rushing a fraternity. Nice touch -- a bunch of hot girls.

Delta Chi Coastal Carolina Rush 2012

I don’t know what it is about this frat but they make some pretty epic f*cking videos, so it’s only appropriate to list them twice. Pulling together a good frat rush video is pretty tricky and these boys have really created a masterpiece. "RUSH" the movie allows you to meet each brother on council while presenting it as a movie trailer. Damn, who knew Coastal Carolina was fun?

Pi Kappa Phi Long Beach State 2013

Life’s better in Pi Kapp -- that’s their motto and it’s more than evident in their video. I've never heard of Long Beach State before, but this video kind of makes me want to check it out.

TKE ASU Rush 2012

Any video with "Heads Will Roll" is a good video by my standards, but I guess that isn’t really saying much, is it? Good call on including your international sweetheart that should resonate well with potential new members.


I have no idea WTF this is, but it’s pretty epic.