The 20 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Classic New York City Night Out

It's Friday and the weekend is finally here. As you sit at your desk waiting for 5 o'clock to hit, you can't help but think about how belligerently drunk you are going to get. Time is ticking away and you're just making plans, texts are coming in and you're trying to decide what you want to do.

You're in the big city with an array of possible ways to go out and get drunk. New York City is its own beast when it comes to its nightlife. The nightlife here is like no other you can experience in this world and it can truly engulf you if you're not careful.

Your boss keeps giving you work, but you just want nothing to do with it. All the necessary work gets done and the rest is there waiting for Monday. Your clock hits 5 and you're ready to have yourself a "Classic New York City Night." Here are the steps to your Classic New York City Night:

Figuring out your plans for the evening.

Going through your closet looking for what you are going to wear tonight.

Waiting for your friend to text you the location of your dinner spot.

When your other friend tries to invite you for drinks uptown.

Finding an empty cab then watching someone jump in it at the last second.

Meeting with your friends at dinner.

Staining your garments at the restaurant before you had a chance to have a drink.

Hearing that your other friend couldn't make it past the pre game.

Leaving the restaurant to go to the club.

Getting to the club and dealing with the bouncer if you're a girl.

Trying to get in the club with a group of guys.

Watching your friends get rejected at the door as they let you in.

When the bottles come to your table.

Watching all the girls flock to your table

Spotting your prey for the night.

When your song comes on.

Getting wasted and trying to talk to girls.

Having drunk munchies and eating everything in sight.

Wondering where your friends are and who this hot girl is next to you.

Waking up still drunk in an unfamiliar bed, next to a chick you don't remember talking to.