The 17 Things Only White People Keep


There are many things white people take part in that the rest of society finds bewildering. For some reason white people feel the need to hold onto pointless memorabilia that the rest of the world would find inconsequential. This is not because they are hoarders at heart, but rather this certain item carries a special meaning to it.

There is a common theme that attracts all white people to collect these items. It provides them with a time capsule they use as to conjure up memories of certain experiences. Although it may seem weird to us who are we to judge?

Sometimes when you enter a Caucasian person’s household, you notice there are many similar types of items that have been collected over the years. Many times you are left asking yourself the question "What is the point of having all of this?" But be sure to keep this question to yourself unless you're in the mood to listen to pointless stories of why they have acquired that particular memorabilia.

Here are the 17 things that white people most often keep.

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