Once A Stoner Always A Stoner: Why We’ll Always Be A Generation Of Stoners Even When We’ve Quit

I really have confidence in our generation. I see us growing up and easily settling into our rightful positions as congressmen and women, teachers and surgeons. I see us as the next Nobel Prize winners, engineers and investment tycoons. The next artists, professors and philosophers.

We are next in line for controlling much of our country’s economy and its future.

We’ve passed all our exams, climbed all the ropes and met every milestone that required a cap and gown. We’ve been given our lessons on the greatest literature and the history of our world. We’ve learned the basic math and science to understand logic and watched all the great cinematic creations.

But something will be different with our generation because we’ve grown up in a different type of culture, a culture where weed is legal.

For the first time, weed will be an accepted and understood as part of life. People won’t be judged for their method of unwinding anymore than someone who drinks a glass of wine after work. Politicians will not have to hide their preference for a joint, thinking it will ruin their chances of being re-elected. Athletes can get caught ripping a bong and not have it ruin their careers.

But most importantly, the world will be different because it’s being run by a different crowd of people, the one’s who smoked.

While we may stop smoking as we get older, we will never officially stop being stoners. Because you can’t smoke for years, letting the earth’s herb expand your mind and open your eyes, just to forget it all, shrinking back to the narrow-minded person you were before, like it never happened.

We’ve grown up with it for too long. We’ve been around it for too long. We’re used to it and understand it as more than just a “drug,” but as a way of thinking.

This mentality we have towards it, and because of it, will make us a different type of leader.

That being said, here's an ode the man who epitomizes this change: President Barack Obama.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It