14 Snapchats That Perfectly Describe How Terrible Mondays Are

by Ashley Fern

Mondays are universally the most detested day of the entire week. If you really think about it though, Tuesdays are much, much worse. But it seems Mondays are the days everyone chooses to complain about -- and with good reason.

The weekend is over and another cycle of office life has begun yet again. You must now wait another dreaded five days before you can even begin to think of freedom.

So what's the best way to pass the time on another miserable Monday? By Snapchatting the sh*t out of your friends, of course!

1. Is anyone ever happy on a Monday?

Maybe it's your job that sucks? Maybe it's not. Regardless, no one likes going back to work on a Monday because your freedom is essentially gone for the next five days and you are back to being a corporate slave.

2. Does anyone else realize the double meaning behind this?

How else do boys pass the time on yet another miserable Monday?

3. Does the weather make Mondays suck or do Mondays make the weather suck?

This is a question as old as time, it could be 75 and sunny, but you'd still manage to find something to complain about. I mean it is Monday after all.

4. Drinking on Sunday is always a terrible idea

To ease the pain of what will be another week of endless work, you think it's a smart idea to drink all throughout Sunday night.

Sure, this seems like a great idea at the time, but come Monday morning, you are just filled with regrets.

5. You don't care if anyone will join you, this is how you make it through a Monday

The only thing getting you through this day is the thought of throwing back a nice cold one when it ends. It doesn't matter if you can gather a group of friends or not... as long as you're drinking somewhere.

6. How else are you supposed to survive?

Coffee isn't an option on a Monday, it's an obligation. Have you ever tried getting through a Monday without coffee? Miserable and unproductive.

7. You would much rather stay curled up in your nice, warm bed

Well, it seems as if winter has officially begun, which only means one thing: We don't want to leave the warmth and comfort of our beds, especially on a Monday.

8. How else are you going to pass the time on a Monday?

Whose brilliant idea was it to create a five day work week while the weekend only has two days? That isn't even close to equal!

9. The expression says it all

Show me a happy person on Monday and I will send you $20 immediately.

10. Office coffee < Starbucks

Probably not, but you're too broke to afford the good stuff, so you are just stuck drinking watered-down Keurig coffee cups.

11. You may as well just make your day as bad as possible

Why would we ever want to do anything to make ourselves feel better, it's much easier to just indulge and regret it afterwards?

Pizza tastes so much better when you aren't worrying about how sh*tty you are going to feel from it.

12. There is a 100 percent chance you don't want to speak to anyone today

If I don't make eye contact with anyone for the entire day, what are the chances everyone will leave me the F alone?

13. Why doesn't nap time exist in the real world?

This is complete and utter BS. Sure, maybe we get an hour lunch break, but I think it would be much more beneficial to simply receive an hour of nap time.

14. If only we could inject coffee right into our blood stream...

...That's what she said?