Signs You Need To Grow Up

by Ally Batista

People are supposed to mature with age, but as I get older, I notice a lot of my peers have grasped that concept. These people are aging in appearances, but are incapable of aging mentally. I’m not saying that you should become an old, conservative, boring person, but there are certain aspects of your life that need to mature. Basically, you need to grow up.

Consulting your friends on what to wear before going out

You’re an adult. Stop calling your friends and asking, “What are you wearing tonight?” It’s one thing to ask how formal an event will be so you know how to dress appropriately, but if you’re constantly consulting those around you about what you’re wearing or dressing, you need to grow up. This is about being independent and having your own thoughts. Wear whatever you want to wear; who cares what your friends are wearing?


Not willing to go somewhere by yourself

If you need a friend to accompany you everywhere you go, you need to grow up. If you want to go talk to a girl at the bar and ask your friend to walk over there with you, you need to grow up. If you’re a girl who refuses to go to a function on her own, you need to grow up.

You’re not always going to have someone there to hold your hand through everything in life. Growing up means having the ability to do whatever on your own, and if you can’t do that, then I’m not too sure what to tell you.

Over 30 living with your parents

I mean, this is self-explanatory. After a certain age, regardless of what you’re doing with your life, you need to move away from home. There is no way you can ever learn to grow as a human being if your mother is still cooking you dinner, doing your laundry, and providing a roof over your head.

How are you going to bring someone home when your parents are in the next room? Are you just going to muffle your sex noises, turn your stuffed animals around so they’re not watching, and pray that your dad doesn’t knock on the door?


You Always Play The Victim

One of the biggest signs of being a child is someone who is incapable of accepting any responsibility. Sometimes--actually, a lot of the time--you’re going to be wrong. Always acting like someone is out to get you, like you never are at fault for anything, is immature and pathetic.

Adults recognize the fact that not everything is perfect, not everyone is perfect, and sometimes things happen because you’re a shit head, not because the whole world is out to get you.

Unable To Pay For Anything

It’s one thing to be laid off and missing out on an income and being on a tight budget. I’m talking about those people who blow all of their money on alcohol those people who go out and buy stupid, unnecessary shit, and then have to eat hot dogs every night, because they’re broke.

These are the people who are more concerned with their social life than ever saving any money. They’ll get a new car and make sure it’s fully loaded, but their electric bill is late. As an adult, you need to learn when to say no and realize that yes, a brand new Mercedes would be great, but you have bills to pay for.


You Can’t Say No

Sometimes you need to say no. One of the biggest characteristics of a child is his want to try everything. As a college student, it’s common, even encouraged to try as much as possible. Try whatever drugs you want, have sex with whomever, and do everything your mother will disapprove of.

At a certain point however, you need to stop that. You can’t be 28 years old, working your 9-5 getting all reckless on a Tuesday night because your friends dared you to. You need to learn when to say no, not right now. At a certain age it becomes irresponsible to do whatever anyone asks you to.

You Love Everyone

I’ve encountered way too many people who throw around the word “love” too loosely. Grow up, and stop thinking you’re “in love” with every person you spend more than three consecutive days with. That’s some middle school shit, where guys and girls would date for a week, write “I Love Billy” in their AIM profiles, and delete it six days later when they broke up.


Photo Credit: Getty Images