Should You Go Greek? Why Spring Rush Is The Perfect Time To Explore Frat Life

By now, you’re probably settled into your freshman college life. You have a group of friends on your floor with whom you eat at the dining hall for every meal. Maybe you’re starting to realize that these people are pretty much your only friends and that you hate pretty much half of them.

There are so many college campuses and so many fraternities and sororities that you might not know where to start if you’re interested in rushing. Attend a meet and greet event, which usually happens a couple weeks before rush week.

You’ll learn the different houses on campus and get a feel for what house you might want to try to pursue rushing. After deciding which house you want to rush, make sure to meet the rush chair, and communicate your interest to as many guys or girls in the house as possible.

Once rush week begins, blend in; don’t be the weirdo who will only get a bid from a bottom-tier house. Look good; try to dress well.

Don’t be the guy who tries so hard even when you aren’t at the house. It’s obvious that you’re just trying way too hard to get a bid — and it makes you look pathetic to the brothers in the house.

Ask members questions, not just ask about the parties, but about the alumni and how long the house has been on campus. Don’t act fake or fabricate facts about yourself to try and win people over. Just be yourself and you will be able to get a sense if it’s something worth pursuing.

Ask yourself if given the chance, you would hang out with this person. With this in mind, get a feel for whether the house and its members would be a good fit for you.

Go in with an open mind and see if it’s for you. Maybe you’ll get a bid and maybe you won’t, but it’s still a great opportunity to expand your horizons and see what else your university can offer.

It’s also a great way to network and meet tons of awesome guys who will become friends — not to mention, tons of sorority girls. It is an awesome experience and helps to make your college experience much better.

Top Photo Courtesy: Fanpop