How To Satisfy Your Itch For Adventure Without Wasting Your Wallet


There’s nothing quite like coming down with a case of the travel bug when you don't have the funds for a proper prescription to treat it. While a genuine travel experience includes cultural immersion, living like a local and leaving your comfort zone, there’s nothing wrong with exploring and taking adventures that aren’t in far-away lands.

Whether you’re starting a new job and can’t get time off or your finances aren’t in order, it's challenging to commit to travel experiences that require flexible budgets and generous timeframes.

Considering the cost of most international plane tickets, you should be able to extend your stay as long as possible in order to get the most from your trip. There’s really no point in getting all the way to France only to be frugal on wine.

What’s easy to forget is how feasible it is to take domestic adventures. There’s no shortage of tools available to help you find budget-friendly flight deals, and there are plenty of options for car rental if road tripping is more in line with your interests and financial constraints.

If you’re an avid wanderer, there’s no shame in putting a bandage on your travel itch and fleeing to a land not-so-far-away.

Unusually-timed vacations can also be incredibly budget-friendly. Visiting a city like Austin, TX on non-festival weekends is far more affordable than the alternative. It's also highly conducive to getting acquainted with the city and experiencing it, without the chaos that accompanies large events.

Rather than spending your time standing in lines and fighting crowds, you can walk around downtown, visit the lakes and enjoy any number of other activities at your own pace.

Don't downplay the opportunities in your own backyard, either. It’s incredibly fun to play tourist in your own city and work through a list of hotspots and destinations you might not have experienced. Small road trips to neighboring cities and landmarks can also be refreshing and a fantastic solution to feeling stuck in a bubble of the familiar.

Have you seen NOLA? Driven Big Sur? Taken a train from New York to DC? The options are endless.

It’s easy to miss out on real, cultural integration, even when traveling internationally, so why not immerse yourself in a domestic, eye-opening adventure?

Why budget for a weekend in Amsterdam, where you’ll be stressed and pressed for time to see everything, when you could spend a week driving from San Diego to the Redwood Forest or barhopping in Nashville?

Whether you're outdoorsy or have a penchant for urban environments, there’s no shortage of opportunities for fun adventures that don’t require a passport. Even if your travel bug isn’t fully satiated, you’ll surely return with plenty of memories to hold you over in the interim.