32 Questions Every Girl Wants To Ask Her Mom But Never Would

by Gigi Engle

Our mothers are the bedrock of our existence. You might be in your twenties, being an adult with all your grown-up responsibilities, but we all know the minute you’ve got a problem, you’re giving your mom a call.

We don’t think of our moms as human beings; they’re superhuman to us. Your mom is like an impenetrable force, always so strong and full of wisdom.

It’s hard (read: impossible) to believe you could ever be as amazing as she is. I mean, she raised you and look at how fabulous you turned out!

What’s crazy to think about is your mother is a person. She has flaws, emotions and real feelings that can be hurt.

As wondrous as she may be, she’s made mistakes and has regrets just like you do. And remember, she wasn’t always your mom. She had an entire life before you were born.

Sometimes when you consider the fact that your mom lived her life before you and is living the life she has now, a lot of unanswered questions come to mind.

You’re not sure you want the answers to most of them because you’re deeply afraid of the answers.

Would your mom be your friend if she weren’t your mom? Does your mom judge your life choices? We all yearn to know, but what if the answers aren’t as positive as we’d hoped?

Here are 32 questions every girl wants to ask her mom but never would:

1. Are you really proud of me?

Every girl wants her life validated by her mother. Her opinion is the one that matters most.

2. Was I a mistake?

It’s always awkward when your parents refer to you as a “happy accident.” Is birth control a modern phenomenon?

3. Were you really a virgin when you met Dad?

Despite what her sisters tell you, she will always deny, deny, deny.

4. Why do you tell me not to swear when you swear all the time? Did people think you were unladylike?

What is it with Gen X and the demonization of swearing? They’re just f*cking words after all.

5. Do you still love Dad?

Is Dad your soulmate? Does he make you happy, Mom? I have to wonder what your marriage would be like if all the stress of having children and a mortgage hadn’t come into play.

6. Did you ever do drugs?

I mean, I’ve always wanted to know if you smoked weed since you constantly told me not “to do the pot.”

7. Do you still think about a guy in your past?

There could be a guy out there who was “the one that got away.”

8. Do you judge me for my choices?

I tried to keep my slutty high school days a secret, but we all know you knew.

9. Did I turn out the way you wanted?

Every woman has a picture in her mind of what her child will be like. I just hope I fit the mold.

10. Is it weird that I’m an adult now?

I honestly can’t imagine changing a baby’s diapers, and then seeing it grow into a human person with free will.

11. Was I the last time you had sex?

Please, please tell me I didn’t ruin you sex life… actually don’t tell me anything.

12. Is there something you really regret not doing?

We all have regrets, Mom. What were your dreams?

13. What would you want me to do differently?

I mean I definitely shouldn’t have dated all the bad boys in high school.

14. Did having children stop you from accomplishing your goals?

I truly hope having me didn’t hold you back from the life you wanted.

15. Are you happy?

Are you, really?

16. Do you have a favorite?

I guess I should be asking you who your favorite is because we all know you have one.

17. How long did it take you to lose the baby weight?

It’s something that I’m starting to think about now that I’m getting older, and it's freaking me out.

18. Was there ever a time when you really didn’t like me?

There were definitely times when I didn’t like myself.

19. Did you really want a daughter?

Everyone knows when you find out you’re pregnant, you want either a boy or a girl.

20. Did you ever have second thoughts about getting married?

Did you ever have second thoughts about having children?

21. What is one thing you wish you could have done but never did?

I never want to miss an adventure, and it breaks my heart to think you may have.

22. Are you a real person?

Is there a person under all the mom-armor? You can’t possibly be as strong as you seem to be.

23. What is something crazy you did in college?

Oh Mom, if I could tell you all the crazy, irresponsible things I did…

24. Did you also do skanky things in college?

…I plead the fifth.

25. How many compromises did it take to get you where you are now?

Life is full of compromises, and they sucks.

26. Is that your real hair color?


27. Do you think I’m smart?

You spent a lot of money on my education, after all.

28. Be honest, do you really think I’m the most beautiful thing in the world?

If you weren’t my mom, would you still think I’m pretty?

29. What are you leaving for me in your will?

Sorry, that’s a dark one. But, seriously, am I getting the house?

30. Do you still think Dad is hot?

I just want to know if I’ll always be attracted to my husband even when he’s old. (No offense, daddy).

31. If you were my age, would you be my friend?

Am I a person you would willingly spend time with and enjoy being around?

32. You’re afraid of becoming your mother. Are you afraid I’m becoming you?

Because I want to be just like you.

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