8 Places Where You Can Legally Drink Outdoors

By Gigi Engle

We're all looking for ways to enjoy our cocktails while making the most of this gorgeous, warm weather, you know? Everything you do in the summer is just so liberating and fun. You get to make memories, enjoy the sunshine and hang out with your best friends.

What's not to love?

But deciding on a meeting place can be tricky. You can't just pour yourself a mojito and frolic onto the street. You're a respectable adult, after all. And when you're trapped in an office for more than 40 hours each week, nothing feels better than spending quality time in the great outdoors with great friends.

Pulling this off requires a little time and foresight. You need to be responsible, of course, so you'll have to do your due diligence beforehand to make sure you choose a location where imbibing is allowed by the powers that be.

Since planning can be stressful for anyone, we've created some guidelines to help you organize your next outdoor hangout.

Go forth and enjoy these awesome places where you can legally get your drink on. There's nothing in the way of your next great hangout!

Taverns on the go!

In certain US cities, you can actually go to a bar on the go! What better way to spend a sunny day than traveling around in a moving tavern as you sip drinks with your friends? Cities like Nashville, Tennessee, are perfect for this lovely kind of outdoor activity.

So, what's the perfect drink to pair with this perfect activity? The simplest of raspberry cocktails, of course. Combine BACARDI® Raspberry and lemonade, and you're good to go.

Train drinking

If you're taking public transportation you're going to want to have a few beverages, but only where you're 100 percent sure it's legal, of course! Illinois is one of the choice states that will let you drink on commuter trains. While you can't drink on the L in Chicago, alcohol is allowed on the state's Metra commuter trains, except during certain festivals and events.

Since you're being responsible and utilizing mass transit, it's a great opportunity to have a drink while you make your way downtown for a sports game or concert. And when you're choo-chooing, you'll obviously be drinking a sparkling, fruity concoction. To create the citrusy concoction, just mix BACARDI® Grapefruit and lemonade, and finish with a few lime wedges.

Chilling outside

Lucky for us adults, there are cities in this wonderful country with lax open container laws, so you and the crew can enjoy drinks in the great outdoors. Take, for example, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Savannah, Georgia.

Street drinking is legal in the Big Easy if you're 21 or older and you're drinking from a plastic container. It's also permitted under certain circumstances in Savannah. So, if you're looking to have a casual cocktail or two with your friends while you reminisce about times gone by, these two cities are great options.

Outside drinks should have an outside flare. This kind of outing is margarita mayhem. Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy life!

Tiki bars

No matter what city you live in, there's probably a tiki bar or two in the mix. And the best part about tiki bars? Many offer outdoor areas where you can legally drink with friends. 

It's the perfect environment for enjoying the sunshine and having a few cocktails, perhaps even a piña colada. After all, you can never go wrong with an island-themed beverage at an island-themed bar.

Professional baseball games

Professional baseball stadiums across the country are great places to have a cocktail! You can have a few beers while cheering on your favorite team.

Since baseball games deserve a drink that's sporty and fun, the occasion calls for a cranberry vodka. Nothing could be more fun than dressing up in your hometown colors and enjoying the outdoors.

Outdoor patios

If you're looking to drink while the sun shines down on you, research local spots that offer outdoor seating.

Restaurants in various cities such as New York, Chicago and LA have awesome patios and porch options that are perfect for meeting your friend group. The sun just seems to shine a little stronger when you're sipping a BACARDI® Lemonade and laughing with your squad.

Party bus

If you're looking to do a daytime bar crawl, a party bus is just the ticket. You don't have to worry about closing your tab — you can just jump on the bus and pour another drink as your designated driver transports you from one spot to another.

It's a great way to travel in style, no matter what city you live in. To create the best possible experience, I suggest serving mojitos and reserving one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is famous for its party buses.


This one is self-explanatory: I mean, who doesn't want to hang with friends while overlooking the city from an amazing rooftop?

And there are rooftop bars all over big and small cities alike.  The best ones you'll find are in spots like Charleston, San Francisco and Atlanta. Just be sure to check the outdoor seating situation before you head out for a post-work happy hour.

And the perfect rooftop cocktail is a delicious, spicy Bloody Mary. It may be best known as a brunch cocktail, but when you're up on a roof, every hour is happy hour.

Drinking in the great outdoors with great friends calls for a great cocktail. This summer, mix up your drink game with the BACARDI® Limon Lemonade. Just combine one part BACARDI® Limon with three parts lemonade, pour over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge. All that's left to do is relax and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.