5 Traits Creative People Have That Most People Will Never Understand

by Paul Hudson

Creative people are troublemakers. They’re druggies. They’re slightly bonkers. And they usually dress funny... or so many of us would like to think.

Creative people are, by definition, different. Of course, everyone in the world is a little different from the next person, even though most of us are trying our best to blend in.

For creative individuals, "blending in" sounds like the exact opposite of being creative. Most creative individuals aren’t crazy; they're simply misunderstood.

Of course, some are literally crazy… but only a small proportion. Most of us just don’t like lying about who we really are.

Creative people see the world differently than most.

At the same time, creative people are willing to share what they see and how they interpret it with the rest of the world. To them, the world has more meaning, more intricacies, more complexity and more possibility than it does for the average person.

Creative people believe in the possibility of the impossible because they understand you never really know anything for sure.

They see the world filled with endless possibility -- and they want to leave their marks. They want to add to the beautiful work of art life already is.

When you see the world differently than most people, you’re going to stand out. Some people don’t like outliers -- they’re scared of them.

Others like stagnancy and changelessness. What we don’t know or understand often frightens us and leaves room for misunderstandings.

They're often introverted and tend to be loners.

Creative types don't dislike all people; they just usually spend more time on their own because it allows them to focus on thinking and imagining -- even drawing, planning and creating.

Creative individuals have to act on their creativity. Otherwise, they're left with an itch they can't scratch. While they do enjoy the company of their friends, they're also very passionate about their ideas and creations -- sometimes to the point of obsession.

Who can blame them, though? When you have work you need to get done, being productive requires alone time. There’s always time to socialize.

And the reason creative people often have a leg up on the competition isn’t because they’re necessarily smarter, or because they think outside the box, creative people just have great work ethic.

They’re already used to diving into a project and allowing it to consume them -- it's hard to compete with.

They don't judge their abilities the way others do.

They don’t always do too well in school or work what most would consider normal jobs because they’d rather be doing and creating than studying and working. Of course, who wouldn’t?

The only difference is creative people are passionate about being creative. Their passions cannot be squashed.

If you’re a creative individual, you almost certainly find it difficult to do monotonous work. When you're creative, you live off the excitement of learning and doing something novel, trying your hands on something different.

Creative people go to school and go to work like the rest of the world, but only because they have to. They’ll most likely take a less-than-ideal job unless they're able to find something to catch their creative interest.

They're more emotional.

To them, life is much louder and brighter; not because their senses pick up more information, but because they pay closer attention.

Creative individuals may often be introverted, but they spend just as much time looking outside as they do looking inside.

They pay better attention to the little things and, in doing so, allow those little things to elicit a greater emotional response than to the average, not-so-creative individual.

To them, the world has more meaning. To most of us, the world around us is just a blur. To creative individuals, it’s everything.

Of course, such individuals often do lose themselves along their journeys. No one in life has it easy. If anything, being creative can make dealing with reality more difficult.

They’re dreamers.

And people misunderstand dreamers. Dreamers always dream of change. They dream of a better world, a better reality, a better future. They can imagine the unimaginable and often believe themselves capable of turning the impossible, possible.

They’re used to getting their hands dirty and are proactive -- a scary combination if you’d like to keep things exactly the way they are. Creative people live a life defined by change. Specifically, by the changes they make.

People always have been and always will be afraid of dreamers. We prefer our populace complacent and average. We don’t like to mold outliers and thinkers. We are a nation doing our best to mold an ever-rising middle class.

Hilariously enough, we’re failing at that as well.

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