Why "No Homo" Is Not A Gay Slur

by Dan Scotti

“No homo” is not a gay slur. “Homo” in certain contexts is a gay slur. Therefore “no homo” is like an anti-gay slur. It’s the negation of a gay slur -- that’s just elementary logic folks (which I worked hard last semester to not fail).

Slurs are used to insult a group of people (I’m not going to list a bunch of ignorant words and describe their context). “No homo” is a phrase used to avoid being called gay slurs.

Here’s an example. The other night before Game 7 of the NBA Finals, I had an itching for a snack. My stomach had been off all day and while my boys wanted to grab wings and beer, I just wanted some fro-yo (and naturally, an abundance of topping-glory). Examine the subsequent phone call I make to my friends: with and then without “no homo.”

Example 1:

Me: “Yo, what’s good bro. You guys go grab the wings, I’ll meet you at Adam’s. I’m gonna grab some fro homo.”

My boy: “Oh, alright dude that sounds dope, I’ll see you for tip off.”

Example 2:

Me: “Yo, I’m good on the wings...I just want fro yo.”

My boy: “Wow. You’re a fag. Enjoy licking some dude’s tip off.”

See, if you ask any homosexual which is more offensive, I guarantee the situation where “no homo” is left out will be your man (c’mon, it’s an expression). Like I said before, “no homo” is used to avoid a barrage of unnecessary gay slurs, it isn’t a slur in and of itself. Slurs are, by definition, slighting comments. I’ve used “no homo” when having one-on-one phone conversations with my girlfriend (that time I asked to watch “The Notebook” for the 3rd time in one week), who could I have been slighting in that scenario?

In fact, “no homo” should be embraced by the gay community. All it does, is reinforce the users’ own sexuality -- it doesn’t detract from anybody else’s. I’m more likely to tell people, “yeah, that new Mumford and Sons record is f*ckin’ righteous bro,” knowing I can slip in “no homo” after, solely so I could kinda clear things up. I’m not speaking about anybody except yours truly.

Honestly, if I saw some gay man pick up a football and say ,“I think I’ll toss around the old hetero,” I wouldn’t be offended. I get it. You enjoy doing things associated with another sexuality: it should be flattering -- not derogatory.

It all comes down to not being insecure and embracing yourself (as well as your own sexuality). I met a gay kid (in my design class) who was studying in Florence as well.

I was on the phone with my friend (while he was sitting next to me) and I accidentally slipped and said “fag” on the phone. Immediately realizing my faux pas, I said to him, “My bad bro, you know I didn’t mean anything by that.” His response? “Are you kidding? Shut up, I call people fags all the time.” That’s why he’s the man, and I got love for him. No homo.