A Monumental Day In Stoner History: First Weed Mayor Is Elected In California

It's all finally happening. Fans of the ganja rejoice as the first ever weed mayor is elected, setting the precedent for all mayors to come. This is a big day for all herb enthusiasts as we watch the future of this great nation take a huge stride. As politicians of Generation-Y gain power and the close-minded Baby Boomers swiftly start leaving office, we begin to see a steady pace of reform.

The candidates that are being chosen to represent our towns, cities, states, and eventually this country are leaning more and more towards pro legalization and definitely aligned with the trend that marijuana is most certainly a medicine, not a drug.

Robert Jacob has just been elected the mayor for Sebastopol, California, and guess what? He's the founder of Peace in Medicine, Sebastopol’s only medical marijuana dispensary. That's right, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary has just been elected mayor, and history has been made. Not only does his candidacy prove that marijuana is accepted, but that its support is becoming a requirement for votes.

With Peace in Medicine being the fourteenth largest business in Sebastopol, people are starting to recognize the advantages and profit that comes with the miracle plant... and it's about time.

According to Lexichronic, "Peace in Medicine generated $46,400 in taxes for the Sonoma County city in 2012, which may have influenced certain voters as to Jacob’s business prowess."

At only 36-years-old, he's already been named in the “Forty Under 40 of 2012,” and has an enormous following within the town. While this may just be one small victory in one small California town, the significance of this tiny step is huge as we slowly watch this once tightly wound country inch closer and closer towards legalizing the not just harmless, but life saving plant.

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