11 Millennials Share Stories From When They First Got Their Driver's Licenses

We all remember that fateful day when we passed our driver’s test and took our first real step into adulthood.

Your license opens up a world of opportunity. No longer bound by the whims of a licensed drive, you control your vehicular destiny: You can go anywhere and do anything. It’s just you and the open road.

Passing your driver’s test signifies a turning point in your life and is an experience you’ll never forget.

Here are 11 Millennials on the fist time they got their driver’s licenses.

Getting your license is something you'll never forget.

“In Florida, they take your photo before your road test, which occurs in a parking lot (not a real street). They also don’t make you parallel park because it’s not on the Florida driving test. They do, however, make you do a three-point turn, which, even though it was incredibly hard with my oversized SUV, I still nailed and got my license!"

-Marc, 26.

For many, it’s a toast to freedom.

“Getting my license was one of the most freeing experiences ever, especially since I was young for my grade and watched all my friends get their driver's licenses before me. I was so pumped to get into driver's education classes and learn what it was like to be behind the wheel. I actually ended up taking my driver's test before I turned 17, and I passed on the first try.”

-Tina, 23.

Some of us dressed for the occasion.

“When I turned 17, I wore a cute outfit and my mother picked me up from school to take my test. As soon as I got in the car, she started shouting — my cute birthday outfit included sandals, and you have to be wearing closed toe shoes to take the driver's test. So, we drove to a Target down the street and picked up a pair of $3 flats that ruined my outfit. My feet didn't look cute, but I passed!”

-Alexandra, 23.

While others weren’t that supported in their driving endeavors.

“On my second to last day of Behind The Wheel, my instructor said I was doing so well I could forego the last day and get my (temporary) license at the end of that session. This really [angered] my mom, so she took my license and kept it in her office for a month until she decided I was ~*ready*~. You know, cause she's the law and everything.”

-Kelli, 22.

For this guy, it was a big step into adulthood.

"It took me taking the driver's test three times before the vehicular gods blessed me with my license. I felt completely free. Some of my best memories are driving down the road in my Suburban, listening to Bowie. It was the first time I really felt like an adult.”

-Henry, 25.

Some people choke on the responsibility.

“The first time I drove with a permit/license, I had an unusual reaction: My dad let me take out his Porsche, and I almost puked.”

-Emily, 24.

And some people thrive on the added responsibility.

“I was so determined to get my license the first day I was eligible that I booked the test months in advance and spent weeks intensely practicing. Because I wanted to impress the police officer who gave me the test — when I was in high school, all driving exams in Massachusetts were given by state police officers — I actually wore a suit to my appointment. I don't know if the suit did anything, but I passed, so I'm not complaining!"

-Kurt, 30.

Some new drivers really know what this responsibility means.

“The day I got my license, I drove all my friends to Hooters. They have great wings.”

-Mike, 29.

While others definitely do not.

“I smashed my dad’s BMW in the Costco parking lot the first time I drove. He was in the passenger seat. I was turning into the spot, and he started screaming “BRAKES!” However, my foot was already on the brake, because I was parking...duh.

I got frazzled and hit the gas as hard as I could. The BMW (which was really low to the ground) ended up literally underneath this massive SUV. It was such a mess that I couldn’t even back out and get the other person’s license plate out of my bumper.”

-Rita, 27.

Sometimes we had to use our charming personalities.

“I sweet-talked my instructor to let me pass. She really shouldn’t have.”

-Clyde, 23.

But, in the end, we all have a license picture we’ll forever regret.

“Anyone with bangs will understand that your ponytails create these weirdly erect hair strands right by the hair-thing. The lady [at the DMV] asked me if I wanted to re-take my photo, which is apparently something that they never offer. But I wanted to get out of there so badly, so I kept the first picture and ran home. To this day, my driver’s license photo scares bouncers when I try to get into bars.”

-Grace, 22.

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