The One Thing You Need To Realize To Never Worry About Your Future Again

I'm not sure if there ever is a point in our lives when our careers aren't somehow linked to us.

Whether it's our parents talking about how we're going to grow up to be doctors while we're still in the womb, or teachers asking us what we want to be when we grow up when we're in kindergarten, we are often established as "something" before fully coming into our own.

We are all bound to become something and have some type of financial income by giving some form of time and energy.

But what if the path we find our career on isn't necessarily a straight shot from high school to college, to a degree-related career?

What if we want more, seek adventure, taunt failure and make the decision to make our lives everything they can be by blowing off the path often traveled?

For a while, I really disliked the wanderlust characteristic that consumed me.

I thought about how much easier things could be if I was okay with sticking to the books and working for the Man until I had saved enough money to retire.

I tried to put myself in the mental space of everyone around me, get my degree, get a job as fast as possible and start my 401(k).

I let "everyone is doing it" become my mantra, and I pushed aside any thought that didn't follow suit.

It never worked.

I never could commit myself to settling for a job I kind of liked now and that would drain me in 30 years, but it always bothered me I didn't know what it was I wanted to do.

I felt obligated to have a good answer when people asked me what type of work I was looking for.

I wanted to say something sturdy and reliable that would make them think I had my life together.

But then, I realized there was a reason I didn't have an exact answer.

I don't know what career I want or what career I am destined for.

I'm truly not sure, but there are things I am so certain of that I can feel it in my soul.

I know I don't want to settle.

I know I'm okay with starting from the very bottom and working my way up.

I know I'll end up exactly where I am meant to be.

And lastly, I know I will be successful.

By following this intuition, I'm learning to love the messy, chaotic start to my unknown career.

Even if everything I'm doing now has no relation to what I do in the future, I know that it will have somehow played a part in getting me to where I needed to be.

This unknown has freed me and given me the opportunity to define myself first and to find my career after.

It's a beautiful thing when we're able to fully accept ourselves as who we are, and it's even more beautiful when we're able to accept where we are.

I've accepted that my soul is full to the brim with wanderlust tendencies, and it's guaranteed to take me to some amazing places.

The characteristic that used to frustrate me so much has become one of my own most cherished features about myself.

And it's all thanks to learning that not knowing what I want in life is actually one of the best things that's ever happened to me.