The One Thing Everyone Should Do In Their Lifetime


Everyone on planet earth has a bucket list. We all have dreams to skydive the Swiss Alps, to drive Ferraris, to even have a threesome. A bucket list is comprised of the things that we want to do in our lifetime, it’s made of the moments that we hope to make memorable because they are fun and exciting and are unique.

They grant us stories to tell and they make not only us, but also our lives, a bit more interesting than everyone else’s. Life is a gift and it’s all about experiencing everything, or else what the hell is the point of actually living? Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to do something or they have to do something…and they end up miserable for the majority of their lives.

You as a person have been blessed with and granted life. Maybe you don't realize it now, but it’s a beautiful thing to have and enjoy and not let go to waste, like so many people do. You have the power to do what you want to do and not what you think you have to do. The desire for exploration is one of the greatest qualities of humans. The day we stop exploring is the day we stop living because there is nothing more added to our lives.

It’s the moments that we explore and the things that we do that we enjoy most, and the time that we spend in the way we want to is what makes life most enjoyable. Bucket lists are for people who refuse to be average and have only a very few fond experiences. But then there are those that understand being present in the moment is more valuable than anything else. We have been given this earth, a beautiful place with so much to explore.

Our bucket lists shouldn’t be about skydiving or try to f*ck a celebrity. Instead it should be to take some time off from our rigorous lives and actually travel the world to explore what it is truly about. Sure we have all thought about taking a year off and just traveling, but the chances of people actually following through are slim to none.

There is so much fear and people equate traveling with risk. They think they will throw their lives away if they take that much time just to themselves. In reality, we as humans actually need this alone time to explore new things, learn new things and understand ourselves…and there is no better way to do it then to get out there and travel all around the world.

We are lucky enough to live in a world that possesses many different places with different cultures and a vast majority of potential experiences. From doing Carnival in Brazil, to Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland, to even having a hooker do blow off your penis in Russia -- these experiences will not only be the moments you remember, but they will also be a part of the stories you have to tell when it's all said and done.

The question is how long you should do this should probably be around a year’s time. Getting away from your normal life and stepping outside of the box for that long will prove to you that you don't have to depend on the life you have now to get you by.

The more you stay in your comfort zone, the faster you will get bored of it and feel like your life is unfulfilling. But when you actually go outside of the walls that you have built for yourself and take such a bold chance as this one, you will never regret it.

The next question, of course: how the hell are you going to pay for this? The answer is quite simple: you are going to have to save up for this because it may get quite expensive depending on where you are in the world. And of course the thrill of having to survive on a budget and maybe even having to try to make some money on your travels is what makes it that much more exciting.

This is a journey where you not only figure things out about the world, but also yourself and how you can live off no money at all or be forced to hustle your way around things.

Sure this may sound like a bold move and a huge risk that not so many people would be willing to take, but it's where true happiness lies. Besides this being pure enjoyment, you will never forget it and you will prove to be the envy of all your friends for actually having the guts to do this. Aside from that, it will also equip you with some resources for business once you get back into the swing of things if you ever decide to.

Between the different people you will meet, to the network you develop, these will be valuable resources to you in business. The world is becoming a global economy and true wealth and opportunity are outside of the walls of this country.

This will actually benefit you more so than going to any college or taking any class because true life experience, of living in another country and communicating with other people and cultures, will get you that one step ahead everyone else in this competitive world. At the end of all this, you will be so cultured and understand so much about this world, that I assure you that you will never regret it.

Where should you go? Everywhere you can possibly think of. From the tip of New Zealand, to Taiwan, to some shady country in Africa. Pick 20 or so destinations and plan it out so you stay in each of them for 2 to 3 weeks. The world is too cool not to see and if you are narrow-minded and don't want to see what life is like outside the walls of this country then you will never value life as the others that do.

This is something that everyone should do in their lives because it's impossible to regret. You’ll want to do it again and more often. You don't want to wait until you are too old to do this because it won't be the same. This is something that you have to do early on in your life to truly understand and enjoy to its utmost potential.

When you find yourself sitting there slaving away at something you hate doing and start thinking to yourself that you are missing out on life, listen to your gut...because you are missing out, as the world is at your fingertips if you allow it to be.

Preston Waters | Elite.