Larry Ellison’s $8 Million Yacht To Take Flight [Video]


After Larry Ellison’s $8 million catamaran was badly damaged when it capsized in San Francisco Bay while the crew was training for America’s Cup sailing race, the crew decided to make use of the wreckage while it waited for a new boat to arrive in February.

This weekend Flugtag, a Red Bull sponsored event, will be taking over San Francisco Bay. German for “flight day”, the Flugtag event involves a bunch of people launching handmade flying contraptions off of a 30-foot-high platform.

The crew is using parts from the capsized boat in order to create one of their own flying contraptions in order to compete in the event. They are hoping to use the 12-foot sail as a wing.

Take a look at the video below of the Flugtag event that took place last weekend in Miami.

Paul Hudson | Elite.