The Importance Of Rolling With A Small Crew

by Evelyn Pelczar

The last person I would ever think to quote would be Drake, but he does make a good point when he says “I got a small circle, I'm not with different crews.” If you couldn't decipher these lyrics, he is saying that he has few friends, but they are all loyal.

In high school it seemed as if everyone wanted the most Facebook friends and just wanted to be the most popular person on campus. As we get older though we realize that quality is actually better than quantity, at least when dealing with friends. We just have to be careful with whom we call our real friends and whom we know will be there for us when we need them.

As we grow older we figure out whom the people we can trust are and whom are the people we can't. That is why when we leave high school, we do not associate ourselves with the people who we only spent time with during school, but instead we spend our time back from college with the friends for life.

It is important to keep your close friends small because you don't want everyone knowing about your life, the more people who know, the more likely it is for stuff to get out, and we all have personal experiences that we have told our friends that we wouldn't like broadcasted. The more people that are told, the higher the chance that your secrets gets out.

Humans are nasty creatures and they can do the unthinkable at any moment, so really no one is safe. You can have a best friend one day and the next day they could do something so horrible that it ruins the friendship.

Personally, I have just two friends that I tell everything to because those are the only ones I can trust 100%. I have other really close friends as well that I would trust with most things, but only two who really know everything about me.

One of those two I have been a friend with since kindergarten, so you know it's real and the other I have lived with the last two years of college. You really learn a lot about someone when you live with them, it's as if they are family.

Trust your gut feeling on whom you should trust with some things and whom you shouldn't. You can have a lot of friends with no problems, but when it comes down to it, you have to go through your friends and see which ones are real and which ones you just have fun with on weekends.

There is a fine line between friends and family, but when it comes down to it, you will know the difference. Sometimes friends become family, not literally, but you spend even more time with them than you do with your family. As humans we always make mistakes and we will make those mistakes where we think we have a good friend, but it turns out to be false -- that's just part of life.

Learning from these experiences is how you will know who is a real friend and who is not, I'm sure a couple of my friends aren't real, but hanging out with them is not a waste of time. Once you realize who your small circle is, life seems to get a little bit easier when you have them to help you through life's troubles. I have a couple friends in my circle already, and I am very excited to see who the next person will be.

Jack Peter Corrao | Elite.