To The Guy Who Says He's Never Having Daughters...

You’re never having daughters? OK, sir. I’ll make sure your sperm are advised and make the necessary adjustments upon ejaculation.

I’ll notify the egg, asking it to please fertilize correctly and come out with the exact gender you specified. I’ll change that 50 percent probability to 100 percent accuracy. Let me just go and alter the course of nature.

No, no, don’t worry. It shouldn’t be difficult... Just a few billion dollars and the demise of the human race.

An easier way, you ask? Did he just ask for an easier way? An easier way than altering the course of nature and science?

Well, let’s see. Is it possible to create a society that nurtures women rather than condemns them? Is it possible to love women without f*cking them? Is it possible to treat women with the same respect and regard as we do men?

Is there some other, non-invasive, un-impossible way to make giving birth to daughters not just plausible, but entirely acceptable? Is there a way to bring a daughter into a world that’s as safe and secure as the one we bring our sons into?

Isn't there a way, instead of disowning our daughters before they're born, to give them a world worth risking their lives for?

To all the men telling us they'll never have a daughter, we, your fellow women, can't help but feel offended. How we see it: The problem isn’t your unborn daughters; the problem is you.

The problem is the men we're bringing up who will raise our daughters. The problem is that you’re raising your daughters to be scared rather than your men to be good.

So what can we do here? What can we do so the streets are safe and your daughters don’t grow up with psychological scars and insecurities that plague them day after day?

What can we do so we don't have to worry about the gender of our unborn babies, but rather, the world in which we're bringing them into? What can we do so men don't condemn the birth of daughters, but rejoice in it?

For starters, we could take a good long look at ourselves and ask why we’re saying things like, “I’m never having a daughter.”

Is it because deep in your unconscious (although a real man would know it consciously), there’s something telling you that you’re part of the problem? Is it because your fellow men disgust you and frighten you? Is it because you know you've created a world that's no longer safe for your little girls?

Are you never having a daughter because you don’t want her to be cat called in the streets? Is it because you don’t want to worry about her getting raped while walking down darkened sidewalks?

Is it because you don’t want to worry about her when she’s on dates with men or walking to school? You don’t want to have to tell her to dress more conservatively at 14 because she’s trying to attract attention with mini skirts and crop tops?

Is it because you don’t want to watch her cry when a man mistreats her like she was just another pair of tits and ass? You don’t want to listen to music about men wanting to f*ck and kill her? Or is it because you don’t want to have to explain to her that a lot of men are pigs?

No, you’re never having a daughter because that would mean having to protect that daughter. You’re not having a daughter because that would mean worrying about her. You’re never having daughters because that would mean admitting men are the problem.

Why don’t women just say the same thing? Why don’t women just say they are never having sons? Why don't women give up and say they will only have children if they're going to be girls. They won't produce little boys who will scare, beat and harass their little girls.

Lucky for you, we’re not going to stoop to your level. We’re not going to counteract your remark with one of our own. No, we’re still going to have sons, only we’re going to raise ours differently.

We’re going to raise them to respect women. We're going to teach them how to talk to women and how to treat them with respect.

We will make sure they never threaten, dominate or abuse our girls. We’re going to raise men who will foster a safe environment for women, so one day, these men will no longer be scared to bring girls into the world.

Because instead of raising scared daughters, we’re going to raise good sons.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It