The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Going Out During The Week

by Ashley Fern

Going out during the week probably tops the list of most regretful decisions a person could make.

There's really just nothing as defeating as sitting at your desk at 9 am with a pounding headache when you still have to complete every task you wish you could just ignore.

You're irritable, you're tired and the last place you want to be is at work. The day seems to drag on extra long because of the amount of time you find yourself procrastinating.

"Why did I even go out last night? I didn't even want to! This is never happening again!" is just one of the endless questions you will find yourself asking until you can finally skip out of work and reunite your sore and aching body with your bed.

So what does the day after a weeknight rage look like?


The Good: You need it.

The Bad: You can't even think about chewing it.

The Ugly: Today was the day you were supposed to start your diet. Well, I guess there's always tomorrow...


The Good: This awful decision has opened up your eyes to how much sleep you actually need in order to function.

The Bad: Regardless of how many hours you did sleep, it'll never be enough.

The Ugly: You wake up to your blaring alarm, unfamiliar with how you even got to bed in the first place.


The Good: Uber was basically invented for this reason.

The Bad: The surge charge is enough to put your awful decision into perspective.

The Ugly: You say F it, pay the surge charge and never check your email to see what the total cost really was.

Checking your bank account

The Good: You never got an overdraft alert, so at least you still have something in that checking account of yours.

The Bad: You don't even recognize half of the charges that hit your account.

The Ugly: Rent is due that week and while you may have some funds left, you certainly don't have nearly enough to cover that bill... or for any basic nourishment.

The actual day of the week

The Good: It's a Thursday, so you only have one day left of the week!

The Bad: You still have to get through today and the next day.

The Ugly: You toy with the idea of going out tonight, too...

Coworker interactions

The Good: Your work friends understand your struggle and will get you that breakfast sandwich you so desperately crave.

The Bad: Several of your coworkers have seriously asked you if you've showered in vodka. (Hey, at least they think you showered!)

The Ugly: Five people recently got laid off and you're already on the cusp.

Your outfit

The Good: Chances are you passed out in your outfit from the night before so you can just rock that getup to the office.

The Bad: Said outfit absolutely reeks of alcohol and terrible decisions.

The Ugly: You've been talking to your boss for 30 minutes before you realize your shirt is stained with vomit. Next time, don't drink and dress.

Time of arrival/Time of departure

The Good: You're perfectly on time... when it comes to leaving.

The Bad: You're 40 minutes late when it comes to arriving.

The Ugly: You're 20 minutes late for your lunch break, which you need to spend hovering over the toilet.

Your texts

The Good: Your phone didn't seem to die the entire night.

The Bad: Everyone you drunk texted was already asleep.

The Ugly: No one responded to your 2 am Tuesday text and now all of your friends (as well as your acquaintances, family and exes) have sufficient enough evidence you might be an alcoholic.

Social media

The Good: Despite not remembering taking the actual picture, there is some proof of what kind of sh*t you really got into.

The Bad: You broke your own rule about taking and posting drunk selfies.

The Ugly: It's too late to erase it because everyone has already seen it, screen-shotted it and blasted it out on every group chat imaginable just to make fun of you.

Your motivation

The Good: You try and overcompensate because you feel so terrible.

The Bad: You end up screwing up everything you put your hands on.

The Ugly: HR tells you to take the rest of the day off.

Your relationship with your roommate

The Good: If your roommate is pissed at you, at least she's forced to talk it out with you.

The Bad: She's been sick for a week and all she wanted was a good night's rest.

The Ugly: You ate her entire week's worth of groceries in under 30 minutes.

Your Self-Worth

The Good: People at least think you do fun things.

The Bad: You never want to do anything fun ever again.

The Ugly: As cute as your Snapchats are, maybe you shouldn't have added your boss last night.