Bold And Piping Hot: Why I Take My Friends Like I Take My Coffee

Dozens of articles on the Internet today will tell you what your personal preferences say about you. They'll even depict what your brunch order, eyeliner technique or shoe size says about your personality.

However, I'm here to let you know the only preference that really matters relates to coffee.

While I realize not everyone associates his or her coffee preferences with his or her friendships, I take my coffee seriously.

1. Bitterness is a redeeming quality in my world.

I'm not referring to the bitterness of someone who brings down everyone with a terrible attitude. Rather, I like my people with a bit of bite.

There’s nothing I love more than someone who has a fine balance of gravitas and sarcasm running through his or her veins. The finest diamonds are shaped by a healthy dose of grit, so why wouldn't the best people be, too?

2. Americano, espresso and macchiato, oh my!

Coffee is one of the most imported and sold products in the US alone. Hundreds of coffee shops line our streets, allowing us to get our fix every few blocks.

Regardless of your preference, there’s no denying there are endless choices.

As an arbiter of coffee, I like to keep my coffee and my friends diverse. I pride myself on appreciating people from different backgrounds who work in different fields. Everyone has something to offer, whether the person is sweet like a macchiato or dark like an espresso.

3. No day is complete without them.

My friends and my coffee are essential. From classes and work to my typical neurotic breakdowns, I need my caffeine and safety boats to get me through. While a dependence on friendship is a little bit healthier than harboring a caffeine addiction, both are necessities in my book.

My interpersonal relationships, like my coffee, help keep me focused on the important things in life. And at the end of the day, they help me get sh*t done!

4. They never fall out of trend.

Friends with classic style, like a smooth cup of black coffee in the morning, pair wonderfully with my life.

As I previously stated, I don't like anything too sweet. But black coffee and my cynical babes offer me the most perfect nectar anyone could want. That first cup of coffee is the best part of my day.

5. They're piping hot and lethal.

Good friends in our 20s should be like our coffee orders: steaming hot and total knockouts. The right friends, just like the right brew, will be the jolt of energy your veins need to get your life together.

Is it any wonder why they go so well together?

If you still doubt me, think about this: Would you want to face your most difficult day without a hefty dose of caffeine and your best friend? I didn't think so.

But let's cut to the chase: The reality is, even if you don't drink coffee, you must acknowledge how important your friends are to you.

While it's saccharine to say, I'm not ashamed to admit my friends could very well replace my morning brew. After all, weaning myself off caffeine would be difficult, but it would be well worth it if I got to keep my best friends.