What Your Favorite Clichéd Author Says About You

by Lauren Martin

Any reader knows it’s not just the book that molds him, but the hands that wrote it.

The relationship we develop with authors through life is not to be taken lightly. It's a relationship that has as much power and influence as any human one.

It's one that stays with us through life -- usually until that once obscure name is discovered and, soon, everyone is holding your best friend on the subway and quoting him on Instagram.

You want to tell everyone you loved him first. But alas, your once best friend is now a cliché.

Don't be so hipster about it: Clichés become clichés because they are good.

Famous authors become popular because good work always does.

So, in honor of all your favorite authors who were lost in the sea of popularity, we know what they first said about you:

Ernest Hemingway

You’re a wild card. You’re soulful and barbaric -- brutal and compassionate. You can be arrogant and full of yourself, yet in a split second full of empathy and romance.

You push people to be their best, refusing anything less than what you expect for yourself.

Hunter S. Thompson

What you see is what you get -- and, more often than not, that's a good time. You’re wild, untamable and can hardly whisper the word "roadtrip" (emphasis on the "trip") before leasing a car and gathering friends.

You live in the moment and have a hard time maintaining relationships, as you don’t let anything hold you back or keep you down.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

You’re constantly underestimated… until you’re not. You are naturally shy and timid, yet you eventually shock and awe people with your talents.

You’re a romantic -- and have no shame admitting it. Despite fame and adoration, you’re just looking for love. You want someone to travel with, love with and read with.

Jane Austen

You’re romantic, yet don’t let everyone see your big heart and propensity for love. You want to be respected as much as you want to be adored.

You are independent and wild, with an aversion to ownership and societal roles. You’re looking for something greater than what you’ve been told could be.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

You're a thinker and a philosopher. You have trouble enjoying yourself sometimes because you’re too introspective. You’re a revolutionary, an anarchist and wildly passionate.

You could spend days alone, content with just your thoughts and ideas. You love the human mind and the millions of places you can take it.

Leo Tolstoy

You have your morals and you stick to them. You’re in-tune to your feelings and your urges.

You are spiritual and enjoy the idea of religion, yet aren’t opposed to switching and learning about others. You’re a sucker for the underdog.

J.K. Rowling

You live in your own world. You tend to fantasize, romanticize and long to trade the world you’re living in for a better one.

Some say you’re a dreamer, but you’re just an optimist. You believe better things are out there -- it’s up to you to discover it.

Stephen King

You’re a little bit dark, but you can also see the humor in things. You like the gruesome parts of life no one wants to talk about.

You find death intriguing and enlightening. You’re a sucker for suspense and a good mystery.

Hermann Hesse

You’re spiritual as f*ck… or at least, you try to be. You’re probably a little lost and a little confused, but you know enough about yourself that you aren’t afraid of the journey ahead.

You may not know your path, but you know who you are. You may not know where you’re going or what you’re doing, but you know you won’t settle until you’ve found it.

J.R.R. Tolkien

You’re incredibly smart, yet utterly fanatical. You’re a master of your own world, but a believer in other ones. You are respected in your own life, yet feel the need to make new ones for yourself.

You aren’t scared of experiences, you let them mold you and define you. You truly are a master of two worlds.

Jorge Luis Borges

You're a poet and a dreamer. You are drawn to anything elaborate and layered. You are passionate and imaginative, but also real and honest. You like mazes and labyrinths.

You like to see things as they are, yet you see them differently. You don’t need to give something another name just to give it another feeling.

Sylvia Plath

You’re brilliant, yet misunderstood. You are doubtful of yourself -- can’t see your own talents and assets, even when you’re winning praise.

You don’t care about material goods and worship, you just want to live your life. You’re deep and insightful, but have a hard time letting others in. Sometimes you’re too smart for your own good.

Oscar Wilde

You’re a wild(e)card. You’re spunky and lively; you're often jumping all over the place. You fit into whatever group or industry you dare try.

You continually stun people with your ideas and people love you for your wit and intelligence. You’re probably great at puns.

Joan Didion

You’re direct, but there’s a beauty in your directness. People value your advice and your opinions.

You have the same experiences as everyone else, yet learn and take away from those experiences in ways others never could. You feel things differently. You’re soft and strong.

Charles Bukowski

You have a tender heart that’s been beaten down by the years. You’re a diamond covered in dirt and curse words. You’re tainted, bruised and overlooked for your rough exterior.

People never see the right side of you until they dare get close enough. You’re really just a lover.

J.D. Salinger

You’re a rebel and a thinker. You could spend days, weeks and years waxing on life and are prone to existential crises. You love the idea of family and the close-knit bonds of brotherhood.

You feel things deeply... sometimes too deeply. As a result, you may find yourself uncomfortable in your own world, around your own people.

Jack Kerouac

You’re as sporadic and wild as the drugs and jazz you love. You live your live like a jazz soundtrack, moving from place to place and friend to friend.

You love the night, drinking, gambling and finding trouble. You have no roots, just the restless desires of your heart.

Charles Dickens

You are a keen observer of society and like to make critiques about your generation. You’re a natural protestor and are always looking out for the underdog.

You have no problem going straight to the source and telling everyone to f*ck off.

Mark Twain

You’re a comedian, but those closest to you know your comedy comes from great intelligence and profound thought.

You don’t see your abilities as clearly as others do and you try your hand at many things.

Gabriel García Márquez

You have a sharp tongue and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. You love metaphors and depict your own life as much as you do fantasy worlds.

You’re an observer of your people, your way of life. You are drawn to politics, social reform and the endless repetition of history.