33 Differences Between Your Dream 20s And Your Real 20s


Sometimes, when I smoke a little too much, walk down the street without music or take a few extra minutes on the toilet, I start to think about my life. I mean, really think about it.

Look at it, ponder it and wonder what would my 16-year-old self think of my 20-something self. How does the real 23 compare to the way I envisioned 23 to be? If we’re being honest with ourselves, it really doesn’t come f*cking close.

Where’s the hot boyfriend? Where’s the model girlfriend? Where’s the penthouse apartment filled with cool things like Tom Hanks had in “Big.”

Where’s the amazing wardrobe and lavish party scene that comes with invitations that have confetti falling out? Where’s my expense account and driver, goddammit!

There’s no denying we envisioned somewhat grander goals for ourselves in our twenties than we’ve come close to achieving, but it doesn’t mean we’re not in the best time of our lives.

While it’s not what we imagined, it’s also not what we could ever imagine.

Come on, we were naive kids with an idea that if you graduated with a degree and got a good job, you were living in the 1 percent. We didn’t know what our twenties would be. They're totally the opposite of what we imagined, but it might be better this way.

Because if we start at the top, where’s the glory in that? Where are the lessons learned and the character built? What’s the fun in never experiencing the pain that comes with the success?

Our real twenties are about trudging through the sh*t with our friends, pumping each other up for the other side. They're choosing concerts over bank slips and an awesome pair of shoes instead of electricity for the week.

They're about living in four different apartments in two years and going home to random strangers who are now friends. They're about experimenting and testing the waters. They're concerts and startups. They're stretching every penny, then blowing the last on a decadent five-course meal.

These are the years that mold us, define us and change us. They are the ones that make us who we are when we are "grown up" and telling the stories of “the good ole days” to our kids.

These are the years that make us appreciate first class and apartments without cockroaches.

They’re the ones that remind us how great things are when we do get there, and how far we’ve come. They are the ones that make our thirties something to dream about.

1. Your dream twenties were filthy rich, your real twenties are living in filth.

2. Your dream twenties were penthouses, your real twenties are pent up with four roommates in a Brooklyn apartment.

3. Your dream twenties were full of employees, your real twenties are full of coworkers you call friends.

4. Your dream twenties were the perfect partner, your real twenties are strangers on Tinder.

5. Your dream twenties were a butler to cook for you, your real twenties are your Seamless deliverymen.

6. Your dream twenties were that 100-story office, your real twenties are stories you'll remember in 20 years.

7. Your dream twenties were suit and ties, your real twenties are no ties to anything.

8. Your dream twenties were bank accounts, your real twenties are counting on friends.

9. Your dream twenties were champagne, your real twenties are shots of fireball because they're cheap.

10. Your dream twenties were crazy parties, your real twenties were partying with crazy people.

11. Your dream twenties were shopping sprees, your real twenties are shopping in the closets of your friends.

12. Your dream twenties were zeros on your bank account, your real twenties are no accountability.

13. Your dream twenties were famous friends, your real twenties are not needing friends to feel famous.

14. Your dream twenties were convertibles, your real twenties are open seats on the subway.

15. Your dream twenties were being in love, your real twenties are falling in love with everything.

16. Your dream twenties were expensive dates, your real twenties are too many dates with your best friend.

17. Your dream twenties were impeccable style, your real twenties are creating your own style.

18.Your dream twenties were lots of dough, your real twenties are too much pizza.

19. Your dream twenties were traveling first class, your real twenties are travel first, luxury second.

20. Your dream twenties were wisdom and success, your real twenties are mistakes and lessons learned.

21. Your dream twenties were wild romances, your real twenties are wild sex.

22. Your dream twenties were perfect days, your real twenties are days that make it worth it.

23. Your dream twenties were corner offices, your real twenties are small corners next to the coffee.

24. Your dream twenties were Christmas bonuses, your real twenties are working over Christmas to keep your job.

25. Your dream twenties were looking for Mr. Right, your real twenties are swiping right.

26. Your dream twenties were luxury apartments, your real twenties are you and your roommates never leaving your box.

27. Your dream twenties were making bank, your real twenties are banking on that Christmas check from Grandma.

28. Your dream twenties were credit cards, your real twenties are absolutely no credit.

29. Your dream twenties were high rises, your real twenties are low blows.

30. Your dream twenties were lying on the beach under the Capri sun, your real twenties are lying in bed with Capri Sun.

31. Your dream twenties were being a pro, your real twenties are that X-Pro II filter.

32. Your dream twenties were headed straight to the top, your real twenties are bottomless brunches.

33. Your dream twenties were about your social status, your real twenties are all about that Facebook status.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It