F*ck Being PC: Why I'm Offended By How Easily Offended You Are

by Zara Barrie

I’m a girl who possesses many a trait — but “intolerable” is not one of them.

I’m a fairly accepting soul and consider myself extra plugged into the sensitivities of those who surround me, however, there is a stealth handful of specific breeds holding court in this great kingdom of the human race, who attain the remarkable ability to turn my usually set-at-room-temperature blood to that of a hot and dangerous boil.

At the top of this list (not the very top, that’s reserved for racists, rapists, religious extremists and the like) are the politically correct (or PC) and the oh-so-easily-offended.

Look, I’m not here to validate the actions of the cold-blooded bullies of the world, who get their twisted rocks off by name-calling and scattering the world with their mission of hatred. I DON’T condone the excessive homophobia, racism and sexism that tarnish this precious planet.

As a girl who has been called at least a third of the names in the thick book of bashing, I truly understand the intense pain derived from hatred masked as humor.

See -- I’m not talking about the true bigots of society (but eagerly will if prompted). What I’m referring to is the humorless, over-censored, painfully serious, so-very-privileged, obnoxiously educated, hypocritical members of the bourgeois, who can’t take a single f*cking joke.

I don't know about you, but I’ve HAD IT with the bleachers; I want to play in the game.

Just because I didn’t study political science in an ivy-league institution (or go to traditional "college" at all for that matter) doesn’t mean I DON’T HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.

So listen sweet collegiate, the outspoken game isn’t just for the PC club. I’m easily offended by how easily offended you are. Here’s why:

You're more focused on the terminology than you are on the ISSUE.

If you put but a single spoonful of energy into the actual issues at hand that you so graciously pour into “terminology,” we could have a real, live conversation and get somewhere. I agree words can be powerful weapons, but they will never carry the immense weight of actions.

The time you spend arguing about the "politically correct" way to refer to homeless people could be better invested into actually volunteering your time to help them.

You leave us out of the conversation.

I see you — throwing around exceedingly LARGE and pretentious words the masses don’t understand, attempting to intimidate anyone who isn’t fluent in “pompous” from joining the conversation.

I know what you’re doing; you’re using BIG words as a method to posture — it’s your brilliant game plan to avoid doing the hard work and answering the hard questions.

Why don’t you attempt to have a real conversation with real people? How can you fight for "the people" when you don’t speak in a language they understand? Instead of fighting your opponents on the way in which we should educate our children, try talking to one.

You are so quick to judge, but never dare to create.

I can’t imagine how draining it must be to take offense at all the mind-expanding forms of art that beautify our city. Art is intended to invoke feelings (remember those?!). It’s the opposite of literal and not intended to be intellectually broken down.

It takes a lot of courage to create anything in this age of political-correctness. Art is founded from the most vulnerable part of an artist's heart, and it’s hard for us to tap into our artistic flow when paralyzed with fear of offending you.

It’s ironic that you have so much to say about everyone’s art, but never have you had the courage to expose your work to the critical masses.

You don’t understand the cultural value of comedy.

Comedy has the incredible ability to address subject matters that are notoriously difficult to discuss. Issues like racism, sexism, disease and the general angst of being a HUMAN are brought to the surface. It clears the static air and grants us more space to breathe freely.

Comedy plays a vitally important role in our culture. Without comedy, there would be endless elephants in the room, and we would all feel painfully alienated in our struggles.

Comedy holds a mirror to society and gives us the invaluable ability to laugh. Laughing is the most therapeutic activity we can engage in.

You underestimate comedians (like you do most artists). As long as their material isn’t rooted in hatred, trust that they know what they’re doing. They’re the great observers of the world; not only do they hold up a mirror to society but they allow us to gaze into it.

You only care about the opinions of people exactly like you.

You PC people are an extremely tricky, (often deceptive) breed to figure out.

While you’re so often the ones lecturing about the utmost importance of “freedom of speech,” you’re also the first to shoot down the opinions of any brave soul who dares to express a point of view that isn’t cohesive with yours.

It’s hypocritical to proclaim freedom of the voice, and then ruthlessly bark at those who say things you dislike. How can you fight for the first amendment when tuning out the awesomely diverse voices serving as the soundtrack to our planet?

You spend more time on enunciation than you do on education.

If I say something dramatically un-PC (which truth be told, is all the f*cking time), and you find yourself reeling with extreme offense, why don’t you kindly talk to me about it? I’m an open vessel and genuinely care to know why I'm bothering you so.

EDUCATE ME, brothers and sisters (I'm on YOUR side). I’ve never walked in your shoes.

Before you write me off as worthlessly ignorant, take the time to tell me your story. I DO want to hear it (just be open to mine, too).

You pick all the wrong battles.

Utilizing your time and energy on your tirade against the young women, who take up space in the media, is not the best use of your limited time. I constantly see PC people on the television railing against Lady Gaga.

What the f*ck is that all about? Lay off Ms. Gaga, she’s an artist fearlessly expressing herself. You should encourage her to express herself, since you’re such a vehement proponent of free speech.

And aren’t there bigger fish to fry? What about these increasingly relevant issues: HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, youth suicides, child abuse, homelessness, disease, babies born to addiction and the heaps of general global anguish?

You're simply not fun.

Anyone who puts such a filter on the world, anyone who is so deeply offended by the very BEST things life has to offer (comedy, art and gluten to name a few), anyone who is so humorless and easily rattled — is simply NO FUN.

I hate to say it, but you're the ultimate buzzkill; you're mean and NOT invited to my party. And in a cruel, cold world — we need to PARTY.