4 Differences Between A True Friend And A Filler Friend

by Parisa Ghafari

When you’re young, you typically grow close to as many people as you can.

Whether it’s meeting people at parties, sporting events or school activities, expanding your group of friends will usually be the highlight of your life while you’re in high school and college.

However, what a lot of people don’t expect is losing touch with these “good friends” we’ve made our whole lives.

When we separate from them for reasons such as going to different colleges, moving round the world or just growing apart, we become saddened, like we’ve lost a significant other in our lives.

Nonetheless, these people are all considered “filler friends.”

Real friends stay in your life no matter what obstacles life throws at them.

It’s easy to define a true friend from a filler friend.

Our best friends often define us. We grow so close to certain people in our lives, we become somewhat attached to them.

We enjoy spending every day with them, and we know them inside out.

Acquaintances usually become filler friends easily.

They’re those friends you contact when you have nothing going on.

For instance, "Jenny is hysterical when she drinks; I could use a good laugh. I’m going to call her to hang out three Fridays from now.”

Filler friends have no true value to us; they are only good for when no one else is around, or if we need a good recommendation from Jenny to see which dermatologist she used to get her Botox injected.

Filler friends add no value to our lives; however, spotting who’s going to be a good friend is typically harder than discovering how many filler friends you have saved in your caller ID.

A true friend never judges you … other than to your face.

A good friend is one who will tell you that dress makes you look preggers and make you change before going out.

A filler friend will talk sh*t to everyone behind your back and ask you where you got that dress because it makes your look fab! (She secretly wants you to look bad.)

A true friend is there for you no matter what.

She will cancel a date she’s been waiting to go on for weeks if you call her and tell her you’re having a horrible day and just need someone to vent to…most likely in person with a jumbo-sized bottle of your favorite Pinot Grigio.

A filler friend will ignore your phone call, or worse, answer it and tell you he or she has no advice for you (simply because he or she couldn't care any less about your issues).

A true friend isn’t a bitch once you get into a fight.

She knows all your secrets and won’t dish them to the world if you get into one argument. This friend always has your back no matter what because she knows you two will make up eventually. Plus, you probably have worse dirt on her.

A true friend will get into a fight for you.

I once had a friend jump over a 4-foot railing at a bar to chase down a guy who she caught cheating on me. Now that’s a true friend!

A filler friend will ignore the fact that your man was out with another girl, but tell you about it five months later when you’re deciding to move in with him.

No matter what, a good friend will have your back. He or she will tell you if your hair looks too flat and offer to fix it for you.

A good friend will break up with a guy for you. (I have many who've done this for me -- thanks, Kristina!) A good friend won't ditch you to spend time with her man; she'll invite you along!

Good friends are hard to find, but when it comes down to it, I would rather have five best friends than 100 acquaintances.