Why Deferring College Can Be The Better Option For Some


We are taught that college education is essential to success. Our parents promote this idea and try to provide us with the best college opportunities.

There is no doubt that college education is imperative to a bright and lucrative future. Furthermore, it gives you insight and knowledge that you might not have acquired before.

Additionally, it teaches us how to build up time-management skills and focus on long-term projects. So, there is no question that it's a good idea. However, is it for everyone out of high school?

They say only around 55 to 60 percent of students seeking a four-year degree graduate within six years. This is due to many factors, like excessive major switching, not taking it seriously enough, partying too hard, not showing up for class and just finding it too difficult.

Additionally, some students get degrees in subjects they decide they don't want to use in life or for which they cannot find related fieldwork. So, does it seem like college is the best idea for everyone after high school? Probably not.

If you are not a book person and did not enjoy high school, then do not feel forced into college right after high school graduation.

There are so many options, like technical schools and the military, which can also provide education. The technical field, medical field and certificate programs are in high demand and pay well.

Additionally, the military can pay your debt and schooling costs, provide a paycheck and teach you responsibility and independence. And, no, not every thing in the military is physically demanding.

The key is to draw up a plan and stick to it. Find something you like that will help you in the future. It is better to plan accordingly and put off college than waste your college time or fall into massive debt.

If you are not a book person who likes to study, then look at technical schools or the military option.

College is not a thought to abandon, but might be worth putting on hold for a number of years. Looking back on my time in the military, then going to college in my mid-20s, I'm glad I made the choices I did. I did well in school and enjoyed it, which is why I am starting my masters coursework.

The funny thing is, I hated high school and was a C-student for the most part. But, according to studies, older students overarchingly outperform younger students. I think this is because we take it more seriously, enjoy it and learn to appreciate it.

Plus, we have more years of experience overcoming tasks and managing problems, so we focus better in general. So, make sure you take the time to plan what you want to do after high school. Consider what you enjoy in life, and if possible, check it out to get a better feel.

Keep your options open; do not disregard technical schools or the military in order to gain experience in other fields. But again, research your options. Picking the wrong degree can hurt you financially and create instability later in life.

You want to be ready for school, so pick a degree that will pay you back, instead of you paying it back.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It