Here's How Your Birthday Can Predict Every Aspect Of Your Life

by Rosey Baker

Numerology is the study of the mystical relationship between a number and certain events.

It's also the study of the numerical value of letters in various words, names and ideas.

Ordinarily, people use numerology to figure out their life paths by analyzing the sum of their birth month and day. (For example, my birthday is March 16. So, my number would be 10, as 3 + 1 + 6 = 10.)

But it turns out, the energy in just the day of the month you were born is an even stronger indicator of the outcome of your life.

Here's how your birthday can totally predict the rest of your life:

1st of any month

Hello, executive leadership skills!

The energy of the 1 gives you all the energy and self-confidence you need to run a Fortune 500 company or to rise in the ranks of your company.

You see the broader picture, but you may not have the attention to detail that is required to work under someone else.

2nd of any month

You're an emotional, sensitive lil' bunny and a human gift basket of charm.

You might come off nervous in groups of people, but you have an incredible ability to make friends.

Because of your sensitivity, you may not express your feelings, but all you really want is affection.


3rd of any month

You are the comeback kid.

With the energy of the 3 giving you great vitality, you easily bounce back from setbacks and challenges.

You've been endowed with the gift of gab and excel in communication, writing, speaking, and the arts.

You're also subject to intense ups and downs, and you can spread yourself too thin.

4th of any month

Being born on the 4th day of the month makes you a gifted manager and organizer.

You are more responsible and steadfast and more self-disciplined than most.

You may have a habit of repressing your feelings, and you could have trouble expressing affection.

5th of any month

You're a restless one. You need change, travel and exposure to new ideas often, or your life force starts to feel like it's dwindling.

You have a quick mind, and you're clever and witty.

Because of your adaptability, you are a progressive thinker, and you have a tendency to say "fuck you" to responsibility because you hate being tied down.

6th of any month

Those born on the 6th are more apt to be open and honest with everyone, and they're more caring about family and friends, too.

Regardless of what you do with your life, the energy of the 6 adds a degree of care and compassion to your personality.

7th of any month

Self0centered and slightly stubborn, you work better alone than under a boss.

You have been gifted with an incredible intuition and should always follow the guidance of your gut, which won't steer you wrong (unless it's telling you to, like, commit a crime or something).

You have a gift for deep mental analysis, and you may even be a perfectionist.

8th of any month

You are well-suited to run a business because of your desire to be in control.

Being born on the 8th gives you a good ability to handle money and are trustworthy in financial matters because you are so idealistic by nature.

Regardless of what your job is or what career you choose, money will come to you easily under the influence of the number 8.

9th of any month

You're a true humanitarian, but you don't often show it.

You care deeply for the well-being of others, and you work well in groups because you are both tolerant and generous.

But due to your sympathetic nature, you may often find yourself in dramatically charged situations.

You should make sure you don't give more to others than you actually get. Resentment can build up if you're not being appreciated.

10th of any month

You have all the energy of the number 1 (with the same executive leadership skills), but the energy of the number 10 can exaggerate those qualities to make you a slightly more bossy individual.

You have a tendency to paint with a broad brush, shrugging off the details and forging ahead with the faith that the details will work themselves out.

You have great willpower and confidence in yourself, but need to make sure you're not letting things slip through the cracks.

11th of any month

You work well with others because you have an ability to persuade them, using charm rather than force.

You are spiritual, aware and sensitive. You have an analytical mind that you put to use in creative endeavors, but you also have a habit of being more of a dreamer than a doer.

If you use your abilities to pair with others who can see your visions through to a reality, you can be very successful in creative ventures.

12th of any month

You have all the energy of the 3 number, making you good at overcoming any setbacks, either physical or mental.

You are also gifted with the ability to express yourself in public, which means you make really good first impressions.

You have a rational mind and take a logical approach to things, but you do have a tendency to jump around from one thing to another.

13th of any month

You're a sincere, honest and seriously hardworking individual.

You hustle every day of your life to achieve your goals, but your absolute insistence on perfection can really annoy the people around you.

You can be intolerant of those who lack attention to details, so make sure to cut people some slack once in a while.

14th of any month

You're talented at processing ideas, and you're adept at organizing and systematizing those ideas to make overall sense of things.

But because this number incorporates the 5 energy (1+4=5), you have the same rebellion against routine.

You need to incorporate changes into your everyday routine because doing the same thing two days in a row is enough to make you restless.

15th of any month

You are responsible and capable of shouldering the responsibilities of domestic and family life, and you're always striving for balance.

This desire for harmony also makes you a giving and caring person, as you always want to make sure the people in your life are taken care of.

You may have certain artistic capabilities such as cooking and teaching.

16th of any month

You may be plagued by a sense of loneliness, which is coupled by a paradoxical desire to work alone.

While you may be emotional, it can also be more difficult for you to express your feelings. This makes it challenging for you to either give or receive physical affection.

Being introspective and stubborn, it can be difficult to maintain permanent relationships, but your interest in doing so will most likely prevail.

17th of any month

This number suggests you are very fortunate financially because this number is great for business.

You are able to handle large amounts of money and larger scale projects with relative ease, and you have good administrative abilities.

You are very goal-oriented and extremely ambitious, but you may have trouble finishing projects you have started.

18th of any month

You work well with a group, but that doesn't mean you're going sign up for a cult anytime soon. You like to maintain your individuality just to keep your edge.

You're a bit of a philanthropist in your approach to business, and you make sure you always come to the table with something to offer for whatever you're getting.

19th of any month

By nature, you are very independent, but you may have a number of obstacles (either physical or mental) to overcome in order to become as independent as you'd like.

You won't follow conventional rules or methods to get what you want, and you probably suck at taking advice.

You may need to learn things the hard way, but eventually, you learn from experience.

20th of any month

You are warm-hearted and constantly seek affection from others, but you also have a tendency to be very moody and to retreat emotionally from other people.

This makes you prone to depression, and once you fall into a depressed state, it's very difficult to get out.

But, when things are going well, you have an unshakeable kind of joy. The key to your happiness lies in gaining more control of your emotions.

21st of any month

You make a very good impression on people through the power of your words, and you are a natural communicator.

You are gifted in any field that involves processing information, either in technology, public speaking, writing or performing.

You have a voice that commands attention and a better-than-average ability to voice your opinions and to understand others.

You would benefit by practicing patience and by listening more intently to others.

22nd of any month

You might sometimes employ an unorthodox approach to projects, but you will always get the job done.

Early in your life you may stubborn AF, and later on, you could embrace more flexibility.

Be aware of your lack of attention to details, and be sure to take your time to go over your work. You will most likely spend your life working on projects that are in service to the greater good, and your mistakes are will have large-scale consequences.

23rd of any month

You are likely to enjoy any work that involves travel and meeting various kinds of people from different cultures.

Even if you don't travel for work, you likely have a large group of friends from totally different backgrounds who enrich your understanding of the world and make it a more interesting place for you.

24th of any month

You're a real sweetie pie, and you care for everyone in your life as though they're your family.

Like Olaf the Snowman, you "love warm hugs," and you give them often.

You have a healing touch, and you spread love to everyone around you. You may cry easily, especially when you are happy.

You're a natural peacemaker, but it's important to remember that you are not responsible for other people's feelings.

25th of any month

You have a special interest in technical, scientific and other difficult subjects. Because of that, your actions are based on logic rather than emotion.

You may have a tendency to isolate yourself, as the number 7 energy that resonates through the combined energy of the 2 and 5 makes you a bit of a loner.

26th of any month

You are a natural money-maker, and you have the ambition to achieve any and all of your goals, all while remaining adaptable and cooperative.

You're naturally comfortable in a managerial position, being both sociable and diplomatic. You're also extremely adaptable, which makes it easy for you to take on new challenges.

27th of any month

You're a selfless humanitarian, and you genuinely enjoy putting your time into activities and organizations that serve the greater good.

You recognize that humanity as a whole needs to collaborate and lift one another up, so you're more likely to rebel against injustice by putting yourself directly to work without making a big fuss.

28th of any month

You were born with the kind of confidence that other people have to read self-help books to try to find within themselves.

Because of this, you are a trailblazer who enacts change with your own ideas.

You're a natural leader, but like any leader, you may have difficulty listening to the advice of others.

The truth is, you would be wise to heed their advice because always having an eye on the future means you may miss out on the details of the present.

29th of any month

You are an idealist and an artistic person, but you tend to be all vision, no follow-through.

You just don't really have a natural understanding of the business world. But once you have a business parter or a manager of some kind, your success will soar to new heights.

30th of any month

The strength of your opinions makes self-expression absolutely necessary for your happiness.

You have a deep need to be on the right side of an issue, and you enjoy engaging in spirited debate.

But, you need to focus more on your inner self so you don't become something of a human computer that just spews opinions you've read somewhere else.

31st of any month

You are bound for greatness in the world. Whatever you set your mind to, you are guaranteed to achieve.

Your approach to work, relationships and life in general is original, but stubborn.

You would benefit by trying to be slightly more flexible so you don't get set back by change or challenges.

If you stay focused and don't scatter your energy, you'll be bound to accomplish a great deal.

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