Like Fine Wine: 4 Ways Your Dad Only Gets More Awesome In Your 20s

by Ashley Massis
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When we are young, our dads are our heroes. They are big and strong, and they seem to have unlimited strength. They’ve bandaged our bloodied knees and given us piggyback rides.

When we grow out of that phase and enter our awkward adolescent years of puberty, dads become more like rule keepers and oppressors than supermen.

That strained relationship can be somewhat hard.

Luckily, there is a light at the end of the angsty teenage years tunnel: our 20s.

When you enter your 20s, a lot of “firsts” happen in your life. From moving out into a dorm to moving out on your own, your 20s are the years that define who you are and challenge you for more.

Who better to know what you’re going through than your own parents who already went through it?

Both you and your parents are handling new challenges during this time of your lives: As they focus on their retirement or career changes, you are starting to carve your own career path.

You're all having thoughts and concerns about the future.

As we grow into theses amazing, independent adults, it’s important to confide in those who have been through similar situations or gone down similar paths.

In our 20s, we’re young enough to not be stuck in our ways, and we're old enough to finally appreciate the wisdom from our parents.

Here’s why our dads also only get better with age:

1. You See Your Dad In A New Light.

As we get older, our parents seem to become more valuable with their knowledge and wisdom.

The conversations you have with your dad will help you see your parents in a new light and you'll forge a deeper connection with them.

Whether it’s about Deflategate or Caitlyn Jenner, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the conversations and perspective your dad can offer.

2. Your Dad Becomes Your Friend.

My dad and I had a tense relationship for a long time; I found it hard to find common ground between us. Although we were similar, we didn’t understand each other.

I was the wanderlust, freelancing hippie daughter who lived in Brooklyn while he was the outdoorsman of upstate New York.

Don’t let society or time differences lead you to think your parents don’t understand you.

There’s a whole wide world out there, so why not explore it with Mom and Dad as you would with a friend?

The minute I put down my guard and talked to him like I would talk to a buddy of mine, our relationship became a lot stronger.

3. You Appreciate His Trends.

Beards? Flannel? Ripped Jeans? Cheap Beer? Our dads are the original hipsters. Chances are your dad’s trends in his 20s may be similar to the ones you covet now.

They were cool before we thought the lumberjack style was cool. Although he may not seem as trendy now, just know your style or your significant other’s style may be a cut from the old block.

Ask to look at old photos. You’ll appreciate the time together, and you may even get some style inspiration.

4. You Appreciate His Knowledge.

Luckily, my dad is a handyman, and as a new homeowner, that knowledge has been extremely helpful to me. Figure out your dad's strengths, and see what you can learn from him.

Whether asking what career path to take, mower to buy or how to fix the leak in your sink, you’ll be thankful for the dollars you save, the conversations you have and the tutorials you spent with your dad rather than the ones on YouTube.