14 Truth Bombs I'd Drop On My Young And Naïve 13-Year-Old Self

by Meghan Breitner

I find myself often getting lost in the thought of what a conversation with my younger self would be like.

I vividly imagine sitting face-to-face with a young, innocent girl, her face still lighting up with wonder to what the world has to offer.

Her eyes are still glowing with an abundance of imagination and excitement. I can picture her natural, beautiful smile fading away when she hears life isn’t as easy as attending school and trying to get good grades.

I don’t regret any part of my life. I don’t regret moments, chapters or times I’ve experienced that have hurt me beyond repair. I’ve seen the happy part of life; I’ve seen failures and found setbacks.

I let things bring me down, I let hard moments define who I was. These hard moments in life make us brave, make us powerful and ultimately give us the strength to live happily because of the acceptance we have now found.

If I could sit down with my 13-year-old self, I would want to say a million things. I would cherish seeing my old, optimistic self. I would try to bring back a piece of her with me, to my life as an adult.

Out of the things I would want to say, these would be them:

1. Don’t bother dating because the boy you have a crush on will be irrelevant to your life in six months.

2. In all reality, girls can be b*tches.

Don’t let some stupid, petty fight come in the way of what’s truly important. In five years, you will see exactly which friendships matter; until then, keep many friends.

3. Stop letting your insecurities hold you back.

Yes, you may not have model-esque legs or long, beautiful hair, but you’re still perfect. Your outer appearance doesn’t define you.

4. If one thing could be targeted as the most pointless thing in the world, it would be gossip.

Don’t take part in it, and especially do not start it. You have your own life to worry about and it’s more important than hearing about the latest middle-school rumor.

5. Stay true to your heart.

If something doesn’t seem right, don’t be apart of it. If something feels right, embrace it.

6. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

So what if it’s not the “popular” thing to do? Find a hobby that gets you away from social media and disconnects you from the Internet.

7. Be original.

I can’t say it enough: You’re absolutely beautiful on the inside, and you often tend to hide it. Start a new trend, and call it “being yourself.”

You’re naturally a leader and others will be inspired by your movement of originality.

8. Stop fighting with your parents.

They do everything for you. They work every day from morning until dawn to ensure you have a life of security and satisfaction. They find happiness through you and live to see you succeed.

They’re your biggest fans and harshest critics, so never take their love for granted.

Ten years from now, they will be the two who have stuck by your side through the absolute best and worst times of your life. You will make mistakes, but they will always be there to help pick you up after a painful fall.

9. Love can wait, but life doesn’t.

If you catch yourself falling in love, be aware of the situation. Don’t fall for false words and broken promises.

10. Put yourself first, always.

I know you tend to want to make everybody happy, but that task is impossible.

11. You’re going to fail, a lot. But, who doesn’t?

Failures are going to turn you into who you are later, the person sitting here talking to you. You are going to learn from your mistakes to be smart and gentle with your heart and intelligent in ways you could never imagine.

12. Never lose your positivity.

You never fail to light up a room with your optimism. It’s a special quality that’s rare to find. Be proud of it, and most of all, embrace it.

13. Be kind to everybody.

Rudeness will be among you at times, and you need to understand you never know what somebody could be going through, whether it’s a loss, emotional or physical abuse, etc.

Being the better person will open your eyes to the things unseen.

14. Never let people’s words define you.

You are prone to letting people’s opinions affect yours and bring you down, but stop. You do not give yourself enough credit for the amazing individual you are.

Stay unique and never let another person’s words make you feel like less of a person.