Your Commute Won't Seem So Bad When You See What Kids Around The World Have To Do Just To Get To School

Sketchy bridges, steep hills, swamp waters, you name it — these kids live it every morning on the way to school. Not everyone has it easy when it comes to their morning commute.

We complain about having to plow through the bustling streets of our major cities, through crowds and crowds of tourists, just to get to work. The fact that there are children in third world countries who have to practically Tarzan their way to school is quite humbling, to say the least. The message here is that education is worth risking your life over, and we should all be more grateful of what we have.

Check out this insane collection of photos below.

Don't complain about the I-95. You don't have to attempt a Guinness World Record at sunrise every day.

Imagine having to have to hold on for dear life every morning.

This isn't Six Flags. This is a girl ziplining her way to first period.

The bus? More like the inner-tube of a bus.

You complain about having to walk through Grand Central and these kids have to walk through the forest.

This is a cool bridge... when you don't have to walk it every morning to get to school.

Biking may be faster, but it's also way more dangerous.

Metrocards? Try having to rope your way across.

Sure, their morning views are postcard worthy, but this is just the everyday struggle for some.

Believe it or not, the walk to class is literally a war zone.

h/t: Viral Nova, Photos courtesy of Visual News