Chill Out In An Ice Hotel This Winter


Forget the tropical cruise or a sandy island retreat, ice hotels is where it's at this winter. Nothing will make you more in tune with the winter season like spending a few nights in what is essentially a fancy igloo. Here are three frigid hotels that you may want to look into before booking your winter vacation.

The most famous ice hotel in the world is probably in Quebec. The ice hotel in Quebec features beds sculpted entirely from ice! But not to worry, they provide special mattresses and sleeping bags to make sure that you stay warm. These rooms start from around $400 a night.

The Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi has an Icehotel that rents out 47 rooms to fascinated guests. The rooms even include a bar and an ice machine; just kidding, no ice machine.

Rooms start at $185 a night, per person. What makes this hotel special is that world famous artists get together to sculpt ice carvings that are displayed all over the village, making you feel like you fell right into a fairytale.

Norway has a 1,600 square meter hotel on the banks of the Alt River featuring 20 rooms and 50 beds. The hotel features a bar, lounge areas and even an ice chapel in case you want to get married before heading into town. The igloo hotel in Sorrisniva will run you $375 a night.

Paul Hudson | Elite.