How Bud Light Turned The Beautiful Catalina Island Into Whatever, USA (Photos)

Last year, Bud Light took over the small town of Crested Butte, CO and turned it into Whatever, USA, the ultimate party destination for anyone #upforwhatever. For the entire weekend, hundreds of lucky participants from all over the country enjoyed endless events, concerts and, of course, free Bud Light.

This year, Bud Light decided to bring Whatever, USA back from May 29 to May 31.

Over seven million entries were submitted, and for the people lucky enough to be chosen, the weekend was epic.

Over 1,000 visitors got a taste of Whatever, USA with more than 50 events for guests to participate in, a zip-line, selfie machines and parties on almost every corner.

Take a closer look at the weekend's unforgettable adventures.

Bud Light took over the beautiful Catalina Island, which is off the coast of California.

You may have heard of Catalina Island from the movie "Step Brothers." Does the Catalina Wine Mixer ring a bell?

Getting to Catalina Island requires an hour-long boat ride from Los Angeles. Participants were greeted on the island by cheers and waving Whatever, USA flags.

The day's events kicked off with a color parade for the ages.

The night concluded with an energized performance by Diplo on the beach.

Snoop Dogg showed up the next day and handed out over 1,000 hotdogs while riding a custom-made lowrider.

Of course, once the hot dogs ran out, he put on a show.

There was even a Great Gatsby themed party later that night. Bud Light provided 1,600 costumes so nobody was left out.

Of course Lil Jon, a Whatever, USA alumnus, had to show up to put on a show of his own.

He even gave a passionate commencement speech, officially making all participants graduates of Whatever, USA.

Check out the full recap of day one:

And here's day two:

From now on, Catalina Island will forever be known for an unforgettable Whatever, USA weekend and not just for the Catalina Wine Mixer. If that's even a real thing.