Life's Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beer Holder: Why Gen-Y Should Never Lower Its Standards

Why do we sacrifice beliefs and standards? Not just when deciding which stranger to take home, but when we pursue our goals.

When faced with compromising situations, our tolerance to settle and accept failure is much greater. In order to avoid stress and keep spirits high, this is where you probably take the easy way out, thinking, "Only the lucky ones win the game" or “I'm just not good enough.” Shifting your viewpoint and altering your belief, you give into these situations more than you know.

Most likely, you want to be accepted, part of the pack. However, the great majority who want to be accepted will never find satisfaction. After all, they don't realize the things they are after are only left by those who hustled.

You can call your justification whatever you want; it still boils down to the concept of fear. Fear cripples most when establishing standards and pursuing goals, causing them to fall short and underestimate what they can do. It comes in many forms and causes endless doubts. You fear you're going to fail, fear that nobody will like you or you fear that you're not good enough. This can be your worst enemy or biggest confidence boost.

Its recognition makes way for a rush of neurotransmitters signaling your fight or flight response. As the beer-holder, you now have two choices: 1) Take advantage of your surroundings, or 2) Walk back to the lonely corner of the bar. Maybe she really did have a boyfriend, or he actually wasn’t kidding when he said he doesn't have time tomorrow. But which version of the story will you tell your friends? How you gave up and walked back to your familiar seat, or that you had the courage to talk to the blonde making eyes with you?

The anxiety that accompanies this moment is perfectly normal, for if we didn’t have fear, we would never know the feeling of triumph. If we didn’t set the bar, we would never think to jump. What I am simply trying to say is:

Life is perceptive. Beauty is perceptive. And fear is perceptive.

Life is really just a game. It gives what you work for and takes what you are willing to sacrifice. It will test your beliefs every day to determine your level of willpower to achieve your goals. The experience is different for everyone, but we all wake up in the morning, put our shoes on the same way, and we are all made of the same parts (give or take). Subtle differences in individuals make way for billions of aspirations and preferences. There are no two people exactly alike and no days that can be lived again.

Regardless of the situations we encounter, your standards and beliefs that allow you to make decisions are, in fact, your perception. They will allow you to choose the life you want to live and give you focus in compromising times. Sometimes shaded by a frosty amber lens, you are the only one who can see what lies behind the glass: a comfortable chair that awaits your return, or a less familiar opportunity that keeps asking for redemption.

Next time you end up falling victim to your surroundings, remember these reasons why you shouldn’t lower your standards:


Living with a feeling of regret weighs heavily on your shoulders. When you make bad decisions, it’s only a matter of time before you live a life of stress and dissatisfaction


Bad decisions form bad habits that can be hard to break. There is a redemptive quality that making the right choice will have; remember that the gratification will come eventually.


Staying on track is vital to your success. If you lower your standards, it is easier to accept your inevitable failure.


It is always in your body and mind’s best interest to hold yourself to your beliefs. Keep that New Year’s resolution to run your half-marathon, catch up on sleep this weekend and meet up with the guys or girls to let loose for a few hours. Your body will thank you for this later.


To find a companion worthy of your life and to love yourself with the greatest feeling of pride.

As part of Generation-Y, if we want to increase the magnitude of our beneficial footprint on society, live a life of impact and achieve our wildest dreams, we must hold our standards in the highest regards.

Photo via tumblr