Must See: Artist Creates Dolls Inspired By Female Role Models

by Stacey Leasca

Barbie may have had 130 different careers over the last 50 years, but her accomplishments pale in comparison to those of the Mighty Dolls.

Instead of giving girls fictitious characters to idolize, artist Wendy Tsao thought it prudent to instead create dolls modeled after real-life heroines.

To create her dolls, Tsao takes old Bratz dolls, strips them of makeup and re-dresses them to look like some of the most inspirational women of our time.

Tsao told Metro UK,

These women inspired me. I really admire the women that I featured in my mighty dolls, for what they did or achieved and continue to do. And they should be role models instead of or, at least, alongside the products of Disney and Hollywood.

Of her creations, Tsao additionally wrote on Board Panda,

Through my work in Child's Own Studio, I am familiar with the notion that toys can become a source of comfort, pride and meaning for a child (and even adults). The dolls we find in toy stores today are often licenced [sic] Disney™ characters or the heroines of Hollywood blockbuster movies that capitalize on the pull of fantasy, fictional characters to young consumers. But there are real-life people who are heroes too, with inspiring stories of courage, intelligence, strength and uniqueness. Could children learn about and be inspired by them through toys?

Though the dolls are not officially for sale, Tsao will be auctioning off a few on eBay over the next few weeks. Perhaps it's time to bid on a little female inspiration.

Check out a few of Tsao's creations below.

Jane Goodall

JK Rowling

Malala Yousadzai

Roberta Bondar

Waris Dirie

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