8 Reasons My Dad Is My Biggest Fan And Hero Of My World


I have always been more of a Daddy's girl. I was the little one who would climb on Dad's shoulders in my pretty little dress and sing, “I'm a little teapot” to all of his friends.

He shielded me from any possible harm and made sure I got the best of the best in life.

I was his princess, and he was my hero. We've had our fair share of arguments and misunderstandings over the years, but that's a normal part of every relationship.

Now, we have a deeper level of affection and appreciation for one another. Not only because I've matured, but also because I can finally understand that everything he has done has always been in my best interest.

Here's why dads uphold their hero status:

1. They show you the value of hard work

If anyone has taught me anything about working hard, it's Dad. When he comes home with his face a different shade of tan compared to his chest and he is sweating profusely, I know he has given it his all.

He never fails to get up and out the door every single day because he wants to do the best to provide for our family.

His strong work ethic has taught me that getting what you want in life means working for it and earning it.

2. They do what it takes to improve your standard of living

I know for sure that my family and I are the “why” of Dad's life. He wants to make sure we lead abundant and fruitful lives. He wants to eradicate any potential setbacks we may have and ensure our lives are as blissful as possible.

3. They show you what it means to be resilient

Dad has shown me what it means to push through and be resilient. Despite any hardships he may have faced, his priority has always been our well-being above his, so he makes sure he is in the best condition to be able to do so.

I witnessed Dad undergo a major operation on his foot after a forklift accident; he was told he wouldn't be able to walk properly for another year.

But, he couldn't afford to be crippled for a whole year. Within three months, he took up a new job and was walking at full strength.

4. They have their own quirks that you've inherited unknowingly

My dad is the life of the party. People always ask where he is and tell me how much they love to hear the stories he's told more than a hundred times that never got old.

People are mesmerized by him and they know me simply because I'm his daughter.

Much like my dad, I love sharing stories and making people laugh. I am my father's daughter.

5. They teach you about life so you won't make the same mistakes they did

Dad's life lectures tend to start off like this: “When I was your age…” As annoying as it is when he corners me in my room for a sit-down life lesson when all I want to do is go to sleep, his insights are remarkable.

He insists, just to prove he understands what I am going through and to prevent me from making the same mistakes he did.

6. They are hard on you, but it's for your own good

Dad has always been my harshest critic. He will tell me when I disappoint him and when I make a mistake.

The words sting when they come from him, and they aren't always the most pleasant or most necessary to hear, but I guess it's because he has such high hopes and expectations of me.

He wants me to bring out the best in me, and I want to make him proud. My dad is the toughest to please, but the only one worth pleasing.

7. They only want the best for you

The only time my dad has ever been upset with me was because I was living my life out of alignment from my potential. He endured all the hardships of war and immigrating to a country where he couldn't speak the language, and built himself from the ground up to make sure we could have the best in the world.

He just wants to make sure I take full advantage of the opportunities and achieve what I am capable of.

8. They have faith in you, even when it doesn't seem like it

Your parents are harsh, but they are secretly cheering you on at all times. They might never tell you how amazing you are, but their friends all know how proud they are.

I am surprised every time my dad's friends tell me they've heard about what I do and all of my achievements. Dad's finally admitted that he's stopped worrying because he knows I'll figure it out. He's always known I would.

And, while we're honoring dads, let's not forget all the amazing moms out there, either!