8 Rappers Who Smoke Way More Weed Than You

by Julian Sonny

You think you smoke a lot of weed? Well you don't. Especially when compared to your favorite rapper, you really ain't sh*t. These guys blow down for a living and, not only do they cop in ridiculous amounts, but they smoke one thing and one thing only -- that rapper weed. A couple hits is all you really need! Believe me when I tell you, there is a difference.

It's really mind-boggling to think about what a rapper's job entails. Smoking blunt after blunt, bong rip after dab and then hitting the stage in front of thousands of people. Most of us couldn't do more than lie down, eat Cheez-Its and play GTA after all that. And for this, we salute them.

These guys have super powers and are among some of the biggest stoners you'll find today. Their lavish lifestyles are nothing that most other potheads wouldn't do, and they have fun doing it. For the love of the weed, of course. Roll something up, play the track below and find out how much you really don't smoke.

Schoolboy Q

Smoke DZA

Action Bronson


Juicy J

Rick Ross

Wiz Khalifa

Snoop Dogg

Bonus: Juelz Santana definitely smokes a lot of weed too

Super Bonus: But so does Wiz!

Photo Credit: Instagram