The 5 Essentials Every Man Should Carry

Men, like women, need to carry around essentials items to optimize our potential. Unlike women, thankfully, we don’t need that much shit. The basics are obvious, cellphone and wallet, but I've listed below the various key items that could make all the difference in a guy’s course of work:


Every man should always walk around with a notepad. I repeat, EVERY man should walk around with a notepad. Generation Y is an idea driven generation, any of which could birth immense results. Imagine if Steve Jobs never thought of the possibility of a new operating system.

Scientists have estimated that we have around 25,000-35,000 different thoughts a day. Nowadays, ideas are just too valuable to forget.

So why a notepad and over your smart phone? Think about it. We type countless characters throughout our day, whether they’re texts, emails or tweets. The act of actually taking out a notepad and writing something down distinguishes the idea from the rest of the clutter on your mind. Don’t be a fool and forget your next million-dollar thought.

Reminder Item

Life sucks. That’s no secret. Our mood changes constantly depending on the curveballs thrown our way. Don’t lose yourself in your worries. Carry a small reminder item that is personal to you. It can be anything from a rock, to a locket, small crucifix.

For those casual moments where you brush upon it or put your hands in your pocket, let the item, whatever it may be, remind you that you have so much left to live for. Your dreams and ultimately your destiny all depend on you. Stay sane and keep moving.

Organized Wallet

There's no reason why any man should have an overbearing and poorly kept wallet. Its simple: State ID, Work/ School ID, a debit card, credit card, business card and $60 emergency money. That’s it.

There’s no need to carry useless receipts, or discount cards to stores you never walk into. I highly advise you to make the transition to a slim wallet or money clip.

Mints, NOT Gum

It’s natural to develop bad breath throughout the course of a long stressful day, especially if one hasn’t eaten. However don’t fall into the trap of chewing gum to eliminate bad breath.

Most gum works momentarily, but the flavor usually dies out while you’re still chewing. This can be your downfall, as the gum traps particles from the atmosphere, and could potentially give you even worse bad breath.

Mint, especially strong cinnamon flavored mints, work best for those moments of necessity. The flavor usually lasts longer as well.

A Condom

…You just never know.

Misaell Cabral | Elite