5 Lies You Tell Your Little Sister To Protect Her From This World

by Paul Hudson

Loving sometimes means lying. People lie -- most of us are pretty darn good at it. It’s one thing when a lie is told to an adult and another when a lie is told to someone still in his or her developmental stages.

The younger the person, the more impressionable he or she is. It’s the parents' job to shape the reality of their child -- a version of the world they believe is best for their child to adapt.

Parents don’t always do a good job at parenting. Even when they do a good job, there are often several things parents aren’t particularly comfortable discussing with their children.

If you’re an older brother, the responsibility, more or less, falls on you -- to lie.

Think of it as shaping your little sister’s reality so she understands enough of the world to survive and not get chewed up alive. You’re her big brother. Guide her.

All guys are scumbags.

Obviously, not all guys are scumbags. (I mean, look at you!) One could probably argue that almost all guys are scumbags -- at least through college -- but even that wouldn’t be too accurate.

Being an older brother, the first thing you are going to instill in your younger sister’s mind is that men are out to hurt her.

Again, this isn’t necessarily true, but the fact is she will have her heart broken -- as an older brother, you should give her a heads up.

More importantly, it’s crucial older brothers show their younger sisters how men ought to treat women -- by example. Words can only do so much.

Human beings learn from experience. If your younger sister sees you treating women like garbage, then she will likely accept that as an acceptable way of being treated herself.

Drinking will kill you.

Drinking can kill you -- but you don’t use the word “can.” You either state it as a matter of fact or use a phrase like, “most likely.” Even though the chances are pretty slim, statistically.

Of course, your sister isn’t an idiot -- at least not after she becomes old enough to understand exactly what alcohol is and how it affects the body. Until that point, it’s Devil Juice.

The thing about lying to your sibling is that you understand she will eventually learn the truth. Hell, you’re likely to be the first person she ever shares a beer with.

Nevertheless, the longer she stays away, the less likely she is to turn into an alcoholic, statistically.

Millions of individuals have an issue with alcoholism. It may not be the most common thing in the world, but it is prevalent enough for you to be, let’s say, cautious.

There is a 99 percent chance an unattended drink will be drugged.

I don’t actually know the numbers, but that’s definitely not the right one. Unless your younger sister is asking -- then it most certainly is.

You don’t want to scare the bejeezus out of your sister (hence the 1 percent wiggle room), but you do want her to understand sh*t like this does happen -- and it happens way too often.

Like I mentioned, most college kids have a half-full understanding of the world. They have a difficult time distinguishing between the things that matter in life and life's trivialities. They’re driven by emotion and instant gratification.

Girls in college get sexually harassed, and worse; it’s a fact. It doesn’t even stop post-college, but at least the douchebaggery and poor judgment are a bit more spread out and less centralized.

If you have to choose between lying to your sister and letting some piece of garbage take advantage of your little sister, you’re always going to choose the former.

You will get nowhere in life without a college degree.

The US education system is flawed, to say the least. College itself is usually a debt sentence. Education, however, is necessary to make it ahead in this world -- even more so for women.

No, I don’t think it’s the way it should be, but it is the way it is. Women have it harder in life; this really shouldn’t be news to you.

There is a lot you can take away from the college experience -- even if it’s only to realize how little it can get you alone. Personally, college changed my life. If you take the right classes, you can find your passion.

Sadly, most people don’t utilize what college has to offer, but instead blindly follow the overly-beaten path.

It’s important your little sister understands what it has to offer. Teens can be stubborn… so you may need to lie a little. Technically, it’s not so much a lie as a single-minded view of reality.

You can’t be happy without money.

You can be happy without it, but only if you somehow manage to feed yourself, get shelter, keep your health and create a healthy social environment for yourself.

...Which is basically impossible without money these days. In first world countries, that is. If you can’t grow it, then you basically need money to get it.

You can steal… but who wants his little sister to become a thief? It’s important to have a need for passion instilled in you at an early age; it allows you to make sense of life once you become an adult.

It’s equally important to understand there is a physical world out there that’s made up of systems -- systems that have their own rules.

Money is the currency and is the only thing in the world that can allow you to write your own set of rules. In this reality, money equals freedom.

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