Global Love Day: 4 Ways To Show Someone You Care

by Megan Mann

I love love.

I am a total sucker for a romantic comedy, the epitome of a hopeless romantic, I overuse the phrase, "I love you" and adore it being returned.

I am very affectionate and love my friends like they’re family.

I mean, just recently I started crying immediately upon turning on "Feast of Love" (who thought that was a good idea to make into a movie?)

When I found out that one of my closest friends had finally gotten engaged, the tears began flowing.

That’s why I am such a supporter of Global Love Day.

According to the Love Foundation’s website, Global Love Day is "the universal recognition of our innate oneness through love."

Of this, I am in total agreement. I look around at what I see on the Internet, and it makes me so sad.

I see couples that are in bad relationships because they don’t want to be alone.

I see people who have children who see them as accessories rather than humans.

I see bitterness, bitchiness and constant negativity. And, of course, I can open my laptop, phone or turn on my TV, and all I see is hatred. I see murder, riots and brutality.

This is why, especially during our very tumultuous time as a nation and abroad, Global Love Day is so important.

Here are a few ways to spread love today:

Tell Someone You Love Them

Obviously, this is the easiest way to spread love today. It’s fairly simple, too.

All you do is roll over if you’re lying next to your significant other and say, “Hey, I love your face, you know? It’s cute and I think I’m going to stick with you.”

Tell your sibling, “Listen, I still think you’re really annoying sometimes and all, but you’re pretty all right.” Tell your parents, “Thank you for always being there for me. I love you for that.”

Call up or text your best friend and say, “I love you for making me laugh when I need it, and for putting up with my bullsh*t when necessary. Let’s hangout soon.”

Obviously, these are all paraphrased and you’re totally able to put your own spin on things, but I definitely think these options are a good place to start.

Hug A Pet

Is there any other true sense of unconditional love than when you snuggle a dog? They’re so excited to get attention, have their heads scratched and hear, “Who’s a pretty girl? Who’s a good boy? Do you want a treat?”

Watch as their tails wag and their eyes shut in ecstasy, and you’ll know what love is.

Do Something Nice For Someone

Whether you know the person or they’re a total stranger, doing something nice for someone goes a long way.

Just last week I had not one, but two doors held open for me going in and out of the gym.

This small gesture seriously made me so happy, and if you think about it, it was just a door.

It reminded me that not everyone is as bad as we think that they are.

It doesn’t have to be a big gesture. It can be as simple as helping someone who has dropped something, or holding open a door for someone who has a lot in their hands.

Say, “You look really nice today,” to a coworker or friend, offer to help someone, write a quick love note or text to someone you're thinking about.

Love Yourself

I don’t want to bore you, repeat after RuPaul and say, “If you can’t love yourself, then how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?”

But I did because it’s true.

You need to be able to love yourself. Take some time to yourself and do what makes you happy.

Go see a movie, take a nap, read a book, sit outside and draw, eat something new, go somewhere you’ve never been or book a flight.

When you love yourself, you open yourself up to love from all angles. You’re not worried or concerned. You’re so full of love that you want it to spill out and spread it to others.

Doing what you love and loving the person you are, are powerful tools in spreading love to everyone around you.

Millennials have turned so cynical and so flippant toward love in its many varying forms (we're always on the lookout for a newer and better model of everything), and it's truly sad.

We need to work toward bettering our perception and understanding of love.

It has to start with us thinking, “We can do and be better than this. We can have open hearts.” It would make things a lot easier, trust me.

Despite living in an extremely hectic time in history (and that’s putting it mildly), we are still living and we are still fully capable of love and spreading it to others.

While the world turns into riots, shootings, kidnappings and so many other unfathomable situations, the world is still turning.

We have the power to help turn it around if we just work together.

If we could remember the power of love and the power of being together as one, we could take the right steps instead of the wrong ones down a much better path.