The 3 Best Ways to Plan a Holiday with Friends | Elite Daily

With winter moving swiftly across the country, it’s only natural that the thoughts of the citizens in many ice-ridden towns and cities turn to the sunny climes and destinations closer to the equator to go and thaw out.

On holiday where there is surf and sun below endless clear blue skies, the balmy weather is not just great for families and couples; these getaways are also the perfect excuse to round up friends and go poolside for some drinks for a fun time. Whether it’s on a group tour, cruise, or relaxing at a getaway home, here are three ways to plan a great holiday with friends.


Most people have heard of the famous European Contiki tour. What most people aren’t aware of is that this touring company that will take you through the must-see spots of the Old World of Europe has significantly branched out in recent years to more locations throughout the world.

There are now package deals that take in The Pacific Islands, Australia and Southeast Asia. For those wanting a warmer climate and a totally different environment, you can now take a tour to Africa. And what’s not to like? You automatically get a pack of fun, 18 to 20-somethings who are there for the same reason you are: to have a great time.

Further, you can bring as many friends as you can along so you share the experience. There’s nothing worse than boring people when you get home about what an awesome time you had.

The best part is, no more remembering obscure hotel names and trying to remember where you put the train timetable, as your professional driver and tour leader are paid to do all that worrying for you. All you need to do is make sure you turn up in a reasonable state of soberness for the next day’s drive (though, even that is optional).

There are other great options, too, like the younger cousin of Contiki, Topdeck, and a relative newcomer, Intrepid, just to broaden the possible horizons even further.

Seriously, no one who goes on these things comes back with a bad thing to say about them, even those who were somewhat skeptical at first (including myself).


We know, we know…cruises are for retirees and…well, retirees. But think twice. Despite the misadventures of certain Italian captains and their flipped ships, the cruise industry is booming. Why? They’ve figured out how to appeal to the Gen-Y crowd. It’s now common to have cruises around the Caribbean and South Pacific featuring clubs and DJs that would fit right in in Ibiza or the Jersey shore.

These retro-fitted liners attract thousands of young party-goers every year and the number is growing fast enough that even the biggest industry players are considering adding special routes, which make stops at the party capitals that hug the coast in different parts of the world.

Meanwhile on board, there are pools, lounges, clubs, bars, food whenever you want it and of course, the lure of being in international waters, which pretty much means anything goes.

Share Houses

Flatmates aren’t just a creative way to afford a flat that is completely above your pay grade, they can also be a way to get into some serious luxury accommodation.

Take this for example: a five-star, four-bedroom beach house on an island retreat on the east coast of Australia will set a family back $1,200 for the week. But how about you and three friends? Between the four of you, that’s a measly $300 each for a full week of accommodation!

You’ll have plenty of spare dollars to spend on activities, food and going out. Plus, all of that is coupled with knowing that when the time comes to put your head on a pillow, you’ll be waking up in an oceanfront, five-star, incredibly furnished, brand new luxury home.

Not a bad deal at all., and a bunch of other sites are great ways to browse for houses to vacation in while you kick back and relax.

Holidays this time of year are a great way to escape the cold of winter, and planning one with your friends has some pretty awesome advantages. The above are just some ideas to get you started. So have you got some calls to make?

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