We're All Hypocrites: 41 Ways This Generation Doesn't Make Sense

by Lauren Martin

We’re all guilty of it. Every single one of us. Don’t try and deny it.

We’ve all said something then gone back on it hours, days or years later. We’ve all stood up for something, then were exposed minutes later for not staying true to our cause.

We've all thrown fits over problems we caused and cursed actions we'd repeatedly done ourselves. We’ve all been those nasty hypocrites we all can’t stand.

It’s OK because none of us are perfect. We’re all guilty of it from time to time.

We may try our hardest to be the most honest, moral and grounded people we know, but sometimes, life just gets too hard; sometimes we just want a hamburger from McDonald's or a plastic water bottle from CVS. Sometimes we have to go back on our word and look like that assh*le.

We’re all hypocrites. This entire generation. The way our parents are and the way our children will be. However, what we’re hypocritical about changes from generation to generation.

Many of us are hypocrites about a climate crisis our parents didn’t know existed while our grandparents are hypocritical about parenting styles they refused to employ themselves.

While I respect our generation’s ambition to change the world, to use collective appeal to turn laws and initiate change, we don’t always stand so collectively unanimous in our actions.

Some of us tend to talk the talk before ever walking on any kind of rally line. And, of course, this hurts because I think our generation has great promise ahead of us.

We're rebellious, excitable and compassionate. We're unlike any generation before us, the product of technology and a new wave of information, there's no way we can't make huge strides.

But before we can do anything, before we can start being the people we've looked up to for so many years, we need to take a look at some of things we're hypocritical about.

1. We want to meet new people, but don't expand our social circle.

2. We want to have a more engaged social life, but don't pick up the phone.

3. We want to meet someone we have a lot in common with, but don't pursue our passions.

4. We complain about not having money, but live that YOLO lifestyle.

5. We want to spend more time with family, but never make the effort to go home.

6. We want our dream job, but we stay in our cubicles.

7. We complain about politics, but never vote.

8. We complain about our bad relationships, but never do anything about them.

9. We complain about not being in love, but only go on Tinder.

10. We say we’re not going to be slaves to the man, but sell out for $100K.

11. We say we care about the environment, but the only plant we’re saving is weed.

12. We complain about global warming, but drink a sh*t ton of plastic water bottles.

13. We complain about Kim Kardashian's ass, but follow her on Twitter.

14. We complain that this generation is narcissistic, but take endless amounts of selfies.

15. We talk about how badly McDonald's treats its employees, but eat there drunk every Friday night.

16. We eat bad sushi, but refuse to pay full price for good sushi.

17. We want to live in a different city, but never try for those harder positions.

18. We talk about the negative effects of pollution, but refuse to recycle.

19. We condemn the labor laws in China, but refuse to stop shopping at our favorite store.

20. We complain about being f*cked over, but we f*ck over everyone.

21. We don't want to listen to our parents, but they're still paying our rent.

22. We condemn the violent effects of video games, but wait in line for Grand Theft Auto V.

23. We complain about privacy, but we keep looking at leaked nudes.

25. We complain we're never going out, but we're always the ones canceling plans.

26. We hashtag #FirstWorldProblems, but never think about third world problems.

27. We make a status, but never go to a rally.

28. We want to lose weight, but never go to the gym.

29. We want to be healthy, but never take the time to cook.

30. We want to live in a clean house, but never clean.

31. We leave for college to branch out, but pledge for Greek Life.

32. We complain about the cost of things, but spend $15 on guacamole.

33. We swear we're going to change our lives at 3 am, but we wake up late again.

34. We say we care about the smog emissions, but we take another cab.

35. We want to have the perfect relationship, but we don't want to work for it.

36. We say we're going to read more, but we play Candy Crush on the subway.

37. We describe the ideal person, but leave when we find something wrong.

38. We're too scared to talk to that hot stranger, but post an anonymous missed connection.

39. We support our favorite artists in every argument, but refuse to support them financially.

40. We scoff at the divorce rate, but shamelessly flirt with a married man or woman.

41. We call everyone a hypocrite while being a f*cking hypocrite